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MAD September 1994 Number 330

Mad Magazine issue #330, September 1994, included an article, "Books to Make Children More Politically Aware" (Artist: Sam Viviano; Writer: David Shayne), which includes parodies of four children's books, including Curious George. The story "Curious George Goes to Washington" features Ronald Reagan as the man in the yellow hat and George Herbert Walker Bush as Curious George. The story says five times that George wasn't very curious.

While we await reprint permission, we offer this portion of "Uncurious George Goes to Washington" as a "fair use" excerpt.

Cut from Mad Magazine #330, September 1994, George H. W. Bush as Curious George goes to Washington

History is repeating itself. Just like in the George H. W. Bush administration, under George W. Bush, jobs are being lost and the deficit is growning at an unprecedented rate: by over $500 billion per year. But Uncurious George is playing the role of the Quayle.