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Pro-Bush websites

Miserable Failure
Archived biography of Uncurious George W. Bush on the official usurpistration website

Worst President
Archived biography of Uncurious George W. Bush on the official usurpistration website

Uncurious George's "re"-election campaign website
Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. Update: Sorry! georgewbush.com now redirects to gop.com. Heh. Ya knew the Rs are a corporate party. The Democratic party's site is democrats.org.

Anti-Bush websites

Listed Alphabetically. See also websites under Primates.

Babes Against Bush! [lost: See archive below]
Babes Against Bush!
... because hot chicks hate him too.

G.W. Bush- The Thief, the Liar, the Terrorist - Anti-War, Anti-Bush Flash.
links to many audio and video segments critical of George W. Bush

Bushgate: The Bush Scandal Impeachment Warning System
Links to many media items about Bush scandals. Includes Paul O'Neill quote "Bush is 'a blind man in a room full of deaf people' - clueless and uncurious

Bush Speaks
Over 160 photographic cartoons lampooning George W. Bush

Bush Watch
a wealth of material, some fact and some opinion, with a sense of humor.

George Bush -- The Official Unofficial Web Site
parody of George W. Bush as Maxwell Smart. Extensive anti-Bush links.

I Know What You Did Last Election
pseudo-movie review. Click on "Supreme Injustice" in the left menu for a lawyer's superb analysis of the Supreme Court decisions.

Superb acting job by supporting cast James Baker, Karen Hughes, and Dade protesters, but George 'dubya' stole the show. Despite losing the national vote and trailing in electoral votes, the controversial ending has him become President via a few hundred votes in a state where his brother is Governor, his party campaign co-chair certifies the winner, and a recount is blocked by a judge his father appointed, whose son is a partner in the legal firm representing him. GOP ticket buyer's got their money's worth but American taxpayer's should get a full refund!" [onetinsoldier]

Impeachment By The People

Quotes by and about Incurious George W. Bush, along with primate pix, great links, more!

Index of /bush
Links to satirical images and video clips of Bush. Some primates.

Nobody Died When Clinton Lied
Images of signs protesting George W. Bush and the Iraq war, posted along public highways, sorted by date. The oldest was posted August 22, 2003, in San Juan Capistrano, CA, and said "Nobody Died When Clinton Lied."

One Thousand Reasons
Relentlessly documenting the failures of the Bush Administration
One Thousand Reasons to Vote Against George Bush
As of August 22, 2004, there are 1,509 reasons to vote against George Bush. Each reason is linked to an article, most or all on other websites. Some of the reasons relate to Incurious George's lack of curiosity.

Outland Books
Presidential (Mis)Speak Calendar and
All New (Mis)Speak Paperbacks

Quotes about George W. Bush - Page 1
collected by Pearly Abraham

Republicans Get Caught With Pants Down!
Originally written when George W. Bush was governor of Texas

SKREED Politics [lost: see archive below.]
SKREED Politics
Light and humorous, with many links. Example feature: How the Grinch stole the White House

Someone is blogging the freeways of Southern California - FREEWAYBLOGGER.com
When you put a sign on the freeway people will read it until someone takes it down.
Images of anti-Bush and anti-war-in-Iraq signs, most attached to Los Angeles and Orange County, CA, freeway overpasses. One set of four signs in I-210 near the La Brea Ave. exit, December 15, 2003:
485 Dead
2,779 Seriously Wounded
3,264 blood-soaked uniforms
And we impeached Clinton over one lousy dress.

Stop the Bush Presidency! Coke, DWI, AWOL, NRA, Bushisms, Election Theft
Strident. No light touch here, except in doctored photos.

THE WAR IN CONTEXT:: Iraq, the War on Terrorism, and the Middle East Conflict - in Critical Perspective
A daily record of America's post-9/11 impact on the world
Includes a links page with hundreds of links, and a bookstore and book review page with reviews of over 100 books, most if not all critical of the Bush usurpistration, relevant to the war and empire, Iraq and the Middle East, militant Islam, etc., with links to purchase them on Amazon.com.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Welcome to the White House - WWW.WHITEHOUSE.ORG
mock White House website, updated almost daily

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