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George Bush as an ape or monkey

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Guardian Unlimited | Cartoons
Steven Bell's cartons have depicted George W. Bush as chimp at least as far back as November 4, 2000. The first in this archive is dated Sept. 13, 2001.

George W. Bush or Chimpanzee?
Website founded October 24, 2000 at another domain and moved here by November 2000.
Includes over 70 images of George W. Bush matched with chimps.

Welcome to www.bushorchimp.com!
Welcome to the "George W. Bush or Chimpanzee" webpage. This is a little project I decided to start once I realized how much George W. Bush looks like a chimpanzee. I'm not a member of any political party, and I have nothing in particular against the man. I just think he kind of looks like a chimpanzee. -Bill Feldspar

George Bush Art Photo Gallery by n at pbase.com
Minneapolis Inst of the Arts has a gallery open for political art. Many of the images shown here represent posters on display until election day. I [Kayakbiker] did not make the posters. Most are anti-Bush. As I add more you will see some of the (few) pro- George Bush ones. I have a few photos of other political activity mixed in with the posters. George W. Bush, George Bush, Dubya.
Three Curious George parodies on this page: (1) "Incurious George goes to a Costume Party" shows Incurious George in a flight suit. (2) "Incurious George and the Deep, Deep Shit" shows Incurious George and an elephant walking in yellow poop. (3) "Incurious George and the Weapons of Mass Destruction" shows Bush and a crew of sailors searching through telescopes for WMD.

INCURIOUS GEORGE [lost: See archive below]
INCURIOUS GEORGE (images missing)
Quotes by and about Incurious George W. Bush, along with primate pix, great links, more!

The Smirking Chimp
Ask not at whom the chimp smirks — he smirks at you.
Website dedicate to strident criticism of Bush. Features Bush/chimp split-face logo. This website has at least one article that uses the term "Uncurious George": a reprint of the "Intelligence Failure" article listed under "dishonorable mentions."

Rock City Photos 2d - Anti Bush War 3
Destruction of rights, allies, economy, etc
75 clickable thumbnail images of anti-Bush images, including uncuriousgeorge, the following link

Rock City Photos 2d - Anti Bush War 3 / uncuriousgeorge
George W. Bush as the famous monkey, captioned UNCURIOUS GEORGE: The Strangely Dimwitted "President"
This image appears as one of 75 clickable thumbnail images at the preceding link.

Spurious George
Website using Curious George to mock George W. Bush. Extensive links page, most from before September 11, 2001.

Dated pages

listed newest to oldest.

BottleOfBlog: Blair Is The Man With The Yellow Hat
June 19, 2007
An image of George W. Bush as the monkey and Tony Blair as the Man with The Yellow Hat. Also listed under Dishonorable Mentions.

Incurious George Goes To War.  With a chaperon!

Bring it On! » Blog Archive » The Downfall of Incurious George
November 14th, 2006

Two Incurious George images. One shows Bush as The Monkey stomping on some reports in a trashcan. The other shows The Monkey dressed as Chimpy McFlightsuit on a book cover titled Incurious George Goes to a Costume Party. See also Citations Explained for November 14, 2006.

Art of Imitation
©2006; JT Morrow
June 23, 2006, according to the author
Five cartoon images of President Bush as the famous monkey. Titled "The Mis-Adventures of Un-Curious George," the images show George contending with energy policy, Iraq, global puzzlement, Katrina, and domestic spying.

firedoglake: Incurious George
Monday, November 21, 2005
Incurious George
Shows a book cover titled "Incurious George Goes to a Costume Party" with George W. Bush as the monkey dressed in a flight suit.

Clueless George Goes to WAR!
A new book by Pat Bagley
September 1, 2005

Let's begin with this: 'In the beginning . . . '
The Arizona Republic
Aug. 15, 2005 08:00 PM
by Gary Nelson, assistant editorial page editor

Even The Republic's Steve Benson weighed in, depicting Bush as a monkey wearing a shirt that says "Uncurious George W" and suggesting the president himself is evidence there is no such thing as intelligent design.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Opinion - Rob Rogers
Saturday, August 6, 2005
shows Bush-as-chimp on television saying "'Intelligent Design' should be taught in schools!" Note: this cartoon was reproduced in "Perspectives" in the August 22, 2005, issue of Newsweek.

Benson's View
The Arizona Republic
Opinions / Benson's View
August 4, 2005
Cartoon shows George W. Bush as an ape or missing link, scratching head, labeled "Uncurious George W", sitting on a book labeled "Biblical Creationism" on a stool. Teacher carries book labeled "Actual Science" and says to the students, "Pay attention, class. You're looking at proof that life evolved from lower forms . . . and that it hasn't involved any sort of intelligent design. . . ."

Not So Wide World of Sport: November 2004
Friday, November 26, 2004
posted by sport at 2:51 PM
Includes an image of Incurious George Bush as the famous monkey, stomping on a full trash can.

The Atlantic Online | July/August 2004 | When George Meets John | James Fallows
by James Fallows
Really a citation, but uncuriousgeorge.org doesn't have primate citations.

Even his unfortunate puzzled-chimp expression when trying to answer questions may be useful: his friends don't mind, and his enemies continue to underestimate him.

author: CHUCKMAN
Mar 06, 2004 04:50
Click on the thumbnail for an enlargement showing Bush as chimp or monkey feeling Laura Bush up and down. First comment seems to be an attempt to title the image:

"Un-Curious George Goes Missing", a biography
Posted by: a3m at Mar 06, 2004 06:49

StinkTank.org - Incurious George
Incurious George
February 7, 2004
by Jacques Kinau
Yet another parody of Curious George. Lists 19 major issues that Incurious George is trying to sweep out of public attention, with extensive links for further info.

Incurious George
January 29, 2004

Uncurious George Logo
January 10, 2004

Incurious George Takes a Ride
Cartoon by David Catrow, November 10, 2003

The cartoon's frames are captioned:

Incurious George
Copley News Service cartoon by David Catrow, 2003

A description of the cartoon on Copley's Editorial Cartoons 2003 Year in Review:

Cartoon is titled "Incurious George." In the first frame, President George W. Bush looks at a newspaper. Caption says: "This is George. He lives in the White House and he is not curious." In the next frame, Bush shows the newspaper to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Caption says: "One day he asked his friend, the man in the gray suit, to read the paper to him, but his friend was too busy running a big war." . . .

Artizans: Curious George W. Bush discovers fire
cartoon by Geoff Olson
March 26, 2003
Cartoon shows George W. Bush as a spider-like Curious George, holding a flaming disposable lighter, in front of an earth globe bomb with a fuse.

SKREED Politics | Dubbing Dubya [lost: See archive below]
SKREED Politics | Dubbing Dubya
August 2002 (Editor's estimate)
Includes a sidebar comparing Curious George to Uncurious George.

Artizans: George W. Bush is 'Incurious George'
cartoon by Geoff Olson
July 3, 2002
Cartoon shows George W. Bush as a monkey, sitting at a desk reading The New York Times. Headline: "SEC Charges Worldcom with $4 Billion Fraud. Markets Down, Investors Disgusted." On the desk are bananas and banana peels. Hanging is a tire swing. On the wall are monkey handprints, portraits of past presidents, and images comparing Bush to a chimp.

Bubble 1: Gee whiz, maybe a few words about business ethics isn't enough.
Bubble 2: If I'm going to help the economy I should slap another tariff on European steel or Canadian wood or something. I'll ask Dick.

The Shrub
Curious George "Dubya" Bush (The Shrub)
Images marked ©Y2K1 (2001)
Shows two double-exposure photographs of Bush and a chimpanzee. In one, Bush/chimp says/thinks: "This space for rent." In the other, Bush/chimp says/thinks: "Yup! Gonna make my little brother Jeb Ambassador to Chad... Get it?"

Guardian Unlimited | Cartoons | 12.06.2001: George Bush visits Europe
December 6, 2001
Steve Bell has repeatedly cast George W. Bush as Uncurious George. This is one of many.

Steve Bell won political cartoon of the year for this piece. Cartoonists, editors and historians judged the award, sponsored by the Spectator and the Political Cartoon Society [U.K.]

How Curious George Got His Name, by Art Bushwald
June 30, 2001
Takes the opposite of the unCuriousGeorge tack, and features a graphic of Curious George to portray George W. Bush being sworn in by Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist in his striped robe.

Every day when he was in the Big White House, he would wake bright and early, put on his finest monkey suit, and go to his big office with the Man in the Black Cowboy Hat, who would give him lots of important-looking papers. George was a clever little chimp who had learned to sign his name, and he enjoyed writing it on every piece of paper that the Man in the Black Cowboy Hat gave him. The papers were taking money away from women and children and poor people. The Man in the Black Cowboy Hat said they deserved it because they weren't born into privileged families. Besides, they probably didn't vote for George!

Non Sequitur
by Wiley
From December 2000 to September 2001, Wiley Miller's "Non Sequitur" cartoon strip satirized the 2000 election, George W. Bush, Al Gore and Bill Clinton. Bush was portrayed as the chimplike Jorge Flush.

THE POCKET INTERNET - Images On Black Page
This Month's Theme Is -
March 2001
Portrays both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush as ape-like characters

Mini-Me to 'Spurious George,' Bush is the latest to get roasted, Presidents are easy targets on Web
by Julia Malone
January 28, 2001
Austin American-Statesman
Also appeared in the Des Moines Register January 27, 2001; Atlanta Journal-Constitution January 28, 2001; Orlando Sentinel February 9, 2001; Minneapolis Star Tribune February 9, 2001

Today's Internet jokesters routinely compare Bush to simian creatures. Bush as ``Uncurious George'' climbs a tree, Bush as ``Spurious George'' is escorted to the White House by his father and Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia, and Bush's facial expressions are matched with those of chimpanzees.

The Village Voice: Features: Dubya: Very Curious George by Laura Conaway
January 24-30, 2001
Article on George W. Bush or Chimpanzee? website noted above under "websites" heading

With apologies to our primate cousins, three underclassmen at Tufts took live last fall a singular bit of Internet genius: the realization that George W. Bush, plastic, pouty face and all, looks awfully like a chimpanzee. The students paired photos of Shrub, then swinging for the presidency, with pics culled from nature sites, and voilà—the visual pun e-mailed 'round the world. "It was just kind of a joke," says Alex Reeves, who launched BushorChimp.com with Bill Feldspar and Rich Sullivan. "All of a sudden it blossomed into craziness."

The Village Voice January 24-30 cover for the above story.

Spurious George
December 2000 or January 2001
Features a graphic parody of Curious George.

The mentally uncurious George is heading to Washington but only through the self interested efforts of people far more knowing than him. Everything has a cost and in this case it is democracy and the reputation of our nation. Our government is no longer better than corrupt monarchies seen in the third world. The next four years will be very embarassing indeed.

Incurious George
December 4, 2000
Tom Meyer, political cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle, portrays presidential contender-by-lawsuit George W. Bush as Incurious George, reading Presidency for Beginners, sitting on a wooden crate marked "Uncounted Ballots."

Curious GWB
Curious George W: A cartoon by Dave Itzkoff.
Maxim, Sep-Oct 2000
8-page parody of Curious George as Curious George W. Bush.

Curious George Goes to Washington
Mad Magazine September 1994
8-frame cartoon parody with George H. W. Bush as Curious George. This is the oldest known parody of anyone named George Bush as Curious George.

George won the election. He soon found it was hard to be President without being curious. People lost their jobs. OOPS! The deficit grew. OOPS! And the little Quayle bird kept messing up too. OOPS! Before long George's wife and dog were more popular than him. OOPS! OOPS!

Undated pages

www.recallbush.org (Flash animation) [lost: See archive below]
www.recallbush.org (Flash animation)
It's Time to Recall Bush
Three years ago five United States Supreme Court justices stole one ring and gave it to Gollum. Gollum W. Bush. It's time we take it back!

Curious George W.
Shows six pairs of Bush/chimp or Bush/monkey images arranged in a collage.

Curious George - George W Bush Jokes @ HyperCenter [lost]
Five separate pairs of Bush/ape pictures not aggregated in a collage

Designs - Anti-Bush - Arrogant Immature Bush - Uncurious George - Without a Doubt Worst President Ever-ANTI-BUSH T-SHIRTS
George W. Bush as the Uncurious George monkey on a Curious George yellow background. Products available include apron, beverage can cooler, greeting card, button, cap, ceramic tile trivet, coffee mug, key chain, magnet, mini-poster, mouse pad, pocket mirror, sticker sheet (12 stickers), T-shirt.

Funny Pictures and Hilarious Photos Collected by GoofyPhotos.com
11 pairs of images comparing George W. Bush to an chimp or monkey

Curious George W.
6 pairs of images comparing George W. Bush to a chimp or monkey

Incurious George [lost]
Cartoon showing Incurious George holding a map of Europe, with countries labeled ignorantly.

Uncurious George [lost]
Two Uncurious George book covers illustrated in the style of Curious George.

Uncurious George Mousepad > Jim Maloy's Truth and Wisdom | CafePress
Mousepad featuring George W. Bush as Uncurious George, sitting on a rope swing hanging from a tree, sipping a pina colada in front of a yellow house. This is the first of eight images in the above Curious GWB.

UnCurious George Anti-Bush Gear : Stop Mad Cowboy Politics Animals Wine & Poker Shop : CafePress.com
UnCurious George Anti-Bush Gear features a caricature of George W. Bush as a little monkey on t-shirts, stickers, buttons and more.

"antibush" Design on Products : CafePress.com
T-shirts and mugs with a Bush-faced chimp sitting on the ground, holding his penis, emitting a stream of urine.

Curious Bush T-Shirts and Gifts: CafePress.Com
Twenty-one designs based on Curious George Bush, the Bush Monkey, Injurious George, UnCurious George, Mr. Bush Monkey, and others.

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