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Columbia Journalism Review

Failures of Imagination

This story from the Columbia Journalism Review covers the issue of media uncuriosity about Bush administration incompetence and malfeasance, especially vis-a-vis the Iraq war, so thoroughly that uncuriousgeorge.org has elected to feature it in this special page.

CJR September/October 2006 - Failures of Imagination
Columbia Journalism Review
Failures of Imagination
By Eric Umansky
Eric Umansky, formerly a columnist for Slate, is currently a Gordon Grey fellow in the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University. CJR gratefully acknowledges support for this article from the Investigative Fund of the Nation Institute.
This 9,300-word article details the uncurious U.S. media neglect of the many abuse scandals of Iraqi prisoners in U.S. custody. The entire article could appear right here on this page, but instead we excerpt various sentences that show editorial incuriosity or active media suppression of a huge story.

There is so much more here. Read the whole thing!

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