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Macleans.ca » Opening Weekend: tripping with Carrey, Clooney and Hana Comments Feed
Opening Weekend: tripping with Carrey, Clooney and Hana
by Brian D. Johnson on Friday, November 6, 2009 5:14pm Criticizes Uncurious George Clooney, movie actor.

This may be a George Clooney movie. But it’s not the George Clooney movie. Because this fall there are two, both having premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. The other is Jason Reitman’s Up in the Air, which is not out until December. And there are also two George Clooneys, at least. There’s Serious George, the shrewd professional who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. You find him movies like The Good German and Michael Clayton. Then there’s Uncurious George, the know-it-all goofball who pops up in Coen brothers pictures like O Brother Where Art Thou and Burn After Reading—an idiot who thinks he’s a rocket surgeon.

Uncurious George: Welcome
Friday, September 25, 2009
A new Uncurious George blog dedicated to Florida Senator Uncurious George LeMieux, appointed by Florida Governor Charlie Crist to replace Sen. Mel Martinez, who weeks earlier announced he would resign as soon as Crist announced his successor.

This is a new local blog dedicated to keeping an eye on Florida's new caretaker senator, George LeMieux, Charlie Crist's puppet in Washington. If you are interested in posting at Uncurious George, drop me a line at quinnelk@hotmail.com with some idea of your Democratic and/or progressive credentials and I'll add you as a blogger.

JEFF WOLF: George's ouster clouds IRL's future - Sports - ReviewJournal.com
Jul. 03, 2009
Copyright © Las Vegas Review-Journal Criticizes incurious Tony George, former CEO of Indy Racing League.

Noted motor sports journalist Robin Miller reported on Speedtv.com four weeks ago that George would be fired, but everyone in the Hulman George family denied it, including incurious George.

ABC This Week with Lil' George: Cheney? Dick Cheney? Has He Been In The News? | Corrente
Submitted by leah on Sun, 2007-06-24 22:16
Criticizes incurious George Stephanopoulos.

Or perhaps you expected that Incurious George would stick with immigration and Iraq for his guest interviews, but that surely the roundtable would spend some time on the story, especially since the Washington Post today published the first of a four part series on Cheney’s secretive ways.

Editorials & Opinion | Incurious George | Seattle Times Newspaper
Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Criticizes Incurious George Tenet. Also appeared in the News-Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Tenet sat behind Secretary of State Colin Powell when Powell made his spectacularly unsubstantiated and subsequently empty speech at the United Nations.

A furious Tenet might have resigned in protest over the use and abuse of intelligence, and his new allegations that President Bush never engaged in any serious discussions about going to war. Nope. Incurious George was silent until the publicity rounds for his book.

Colin McEnroe | To Wit: Incurious George
April 30, 2007
criticizes Incurious George Tenet, but the article doesn't justify the usage.

Incurious George Tenet Gets It Wrong--Again! - News Bloggers
Posted Apr 30th 2007 8:52AM by Dinesh D'Souza
There is no excerpt possible from this article supporting the thesis that George Tenet is incurious. The real incurious person here is Dinesh D'Souza.

Mindblogging Stuff: Business, Internet, Lifestyle, Politics, Technology
Thursday, March 29, 2007
Is George Ou in bed with Microsoft?
Criticizes Ziff-Davis writer Uncurious George Ou

Is George Ou in bed with Microsoft?

Or is he just a pathetic troll?

Exhibit A: Uncurious George
Exhibit B: The $350 Apple vs. Dell Debate

JS Online
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Editorial: The cost of racist behavior
From the Journal Sentinel
Posted: Dec. 1, 2006
The authors missed the chance to refer to George Miller, president of the Fire Department board, as Uncurious George.

"I don't have it," George Miller, president of the Fire Department board, told reporter Mike Johnson. "If I knew any more and if it was given to me, I'd probably tell you. Are you listening to me or am I talking to a wall?"

Let's take Miller at his word. The question then becomes, why doesn't he know the figure? Why would the president of the Fire Department board not know the terms of the settlement involving firefighters? Did he not ask? Does he not want to know? Does he think it's not his business to know? Does he think the public doesn't want to know?

Are you getting the point, Mr. Miller, or are we talking to a wall?

But Miller is not the only curiously uncurious official.

UNCoRRELATED: Allen's Deplorable Lack of Curiosity
Posted by Mick Stockinger on September 21, 2006 10:25 AM
The author missed the chance to refer to Sen. George Allen (R-VA) as Uncurious George.

Saturday, August 26, 2006
posted by Contrapositive @ 7:00 PM
CONTRAPOSITIVE is edited by Dan Aibel. Dan's a playwright. He lives in New York City.

INCURIOUS GEORGE? The mother of Sen. George Allen (R-VA) is Jewish. Who cares?

Letters: Stepping in "macaca" - Salon
George at the County Fair
by Virginia Veteran of Good Ole Boys
Wednesday, August 16, 2006 10:29:57 AM
Both George W. Bush and Sen. George Allen (R-VA) are Incurious George.

We can't afford another Incurious George.

RealClimate » Incurious George
RealClimate: Climate science from climate scientists
2 Apr 2006
Incurious George
david @ 8:22 am
This article criticizes writer and pundit incurious George Will.

Anxious, coddled, uncurious George - The Boston Globe
By Christopher Shea  |  March 26, 2006
Christopher Shea's column appears biweekly in Ideas.
File under: Art pre-imitates life: This article criticizes incurious Curious George! Note that the headline writer used "uncurious" while the text used "incurious."

[I]n a recent issue of the Journal of Social History, Daniel Greenstone, an American high school teacher now working at the Taipei American School in Taiwan, undertakes a serious debunking project. He tells a sorry tale of a monkey who burst on the scene with great energy in 1941, but who was soon straitjacketed by the child-raising theories of the 1950s, ending up a meek, easily scared dullard.

In "Frightened George: How the Pediatric-Educational Complex Ruined the Curious George Series," Greenstone suggests that the Reys lost faith in their original madcap vision and hitched George to psychological theories that viewed children as sensitive flowers and potential neurotics. In all, Greenstone writes, the changes in George across the seven volumes of the original series-the last volume appeared in 1966, though many spinoffs followed-provide "an unusual and revealing window into the profound changes in child-rearing that swept across middle-class America in the 20th century." . . .

But even Greenstone admits didacticism has its uses. The flat, incurious George of "Curious George Goes to the Hospital" "depresses" him, he says. But when Greenstone's son, Finn, reacted badly to penicillin last year and got rushed to the hospital-he's fine now-guess what book Dad talked about during the ride?

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion
March 16, 2006
Criticizes New York Governor Incurious George Pataki.

George Pataki's sudden interest in the well-being of Downtown Manhat tan [sic] would be amusing if he hadn't expressed it yesterday by slurring the character and patriotism of the one man who has actually built something at Ground Zero, developer Larry Silverstein.

Let's be clear: There is scarcely a problem Downtown - big, small or in-between - that isn't directly traceable to the governor's attention-deficit disorder regarding the site of the deadliest attack on United States soil since Pearl Harbor.

Asa Dotzler - Firefox and more: uncurious george
February 02, 2006
uncurious george
Posted by asa at 04:15 PM
Criticizes Ziff-Davis writer Uncurious George Ou

George Ou over at ZDNet writes: "It's a mystery why Mozilla is operating in secrecy with Open Source code and one can only speculate about the motivations." . . .

The real problem is that George didn't do any research before writing his article, and that seems to fly in the face of basic journalistic integrity.

Restless Mania: Uncurious George
Thursday, August 25, 2005
Uncurious George
Criticises Virginia Senator Uncurious George Allen

Where the hell has Senator George Allen (R-Va) been during this whole BRAC process? I feel like Senator Warner has been front and center (given he's the chair of the SASC, but still), with Senator Allen content to take full advantage of the summer recess. What gives Georgie?

The Corner on National Review Online
INCURIOUS GEORGE by Andrew Stuttaford
Saturday, April 05, 2003
Criticizes British MP incurious George Galloway

Labour MP and ‘peace’ campaigner George Galloway was happy to meet with Saddam, but not, it seems, with one of the dictator’s victims.

Media Tom and Tim: Bloviating Pillars Of American Empire
The New York Observer
by Philip Weiss
April 21, 2003
Criticizes incurious George Stephanopoulos.

Or there was George Stephanopoulos on his ABC Sunday-morning show, giving several minutes to an American weapons inspector denouncing General Amir al-Saadi, the Iraqi weapons chief who had turned himself in the \day before. G eneral Al-Saadi had said that Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction, and Mr. Stephanopoulos showed pictures, from German TV, of him kissing his wife goodbye and then getting into an American truck. But he never let the official, who spoke English, speak for himself. Incurious George was merely observing the new rules: You can𔏥t give a voice to the other side, merely summarize it and denounce it.

Media Research Center CyberAlert -- 06/19/2002 -- Israel "Knew," ...
June 19, 2002. Criticizes uncurious George Stephanopoulos.

And "Uncurious George." When the Lewinsky story broke, instead of using his connections to dig out information, he protected his old buddies inside the White House.

Bozell's News Column -- 05/24/2001 -- Ridiculous George ...
May 24, 2001. Criticizes uncurious George Stephanopoulos.

Mr. Jennings, behold your colleague George Stephanopoulos. . . . But let's try to examine the finer points of Uncurious George's latest stab at journalism.

The New ILNY commercial
Oldest known Usenet "Incurious George" reference. Criticizes New York Governor Incurious George Pataki.
From: Ron Goodrich <rongoodrich@charter.net>
Newsgroups: us.issues.statehood.upstate-ny
Subject: The New ILNY commercial
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2000 14:03:55 -0700

No area Upstate has a substantial national image, and this
hurts tourism.  If the state would have a series of commercial, each one
focusing on a different region of Upstate and all the things to do
there, tourism could flourish.  But they won't, because they need to
remind the world about the city that never shuts up.  Isn't NYC big
enough to sell itself?  Can't Guiliani star in his own commercials in
his city, and send Incurious George north for a cameo or two?

Peoria Journal Star
June 5, 2000. Criticizes the then-Governor of Illinois Uncurious George Ryan.

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