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March 2007

Stop the Lies, End the War, Save Our Climate
March 25th, 2007
Peace and Ecological Sustainability in Our Time

I think President Bush ? of average intelligence, and obviously insecure and incurious ? wanted to demonstrate how tough he was after failing to protect America from attack.

Capitol Hill Blue - AlbertoGate: What are they hiding?
Friday, 23 March 2007

At the bottom of this swampy marsh sit the most powerful vice president in history, scheming and seeking Haliprofits with another war, a dirty, street-fighting, backstabber named Rove, and the most disengaged, intellectually incurious, spiteful, petty, and mindlessly stubborn presidents of all time.

Daily Kos: Is Bush "worried" about "separation of powers," harming presidency?
by Salvor Hardin
Thu Mar 22, 2007 at 07:28:43 AM PDT

Well, it would be gratifying to learn that our president, infamous for his incurious nature and his abuses of our Constitution, is "worried" about "separation of powers" issues.

The Signal: News for Santa Clarita Valley, California
Guest Commentary
War: A Failure of Imagination
Commentary by Gary Horton
Wednesday March 21, 2007
Gary Horton lives in Valencia. His column reflects his own views, and not necessarily those of The Signal.

Poor, uncurious George. His approach to Iraq was so unimaginative he hardly gave peace a chance. Rather, his limited imagination was spent inventing reasons to march to war, instead of crafting creative modern solutions to avoid it. . . .

Little administration imagination was spared provoking a bruised and fearful America to pick up spears to jab around the Middle East for retribution. No imagination was spent avoiding war and promoting peace and progress. . . .

Now, with Iraq in flames and America's reputation spilled like so much precious blood, George Bush's lack of imagination tells him to apply more warriors, more spears to the conflict.

Alan Bock's Blog: Futile mission for Rove
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Posted by Alan Bock at 11:03 PM

As one of my Washington sources put it (not for attribution, dammit), he's more equipped to be what he was at Yale -- a cheerleader -- than somebody making life-and-death decisions. To be sure, not all that many politicians are truly intellectually alive and inquisitive, but Bush's incuriosity is of perplexing proportions.

BlueHerald - News You Can Abuse » Blog Archive » The Knaves of the Bush Administration
by Batocchio
Interesting comparison of Shakespeare's King Lear and Bush. Also appears at Vagabond Scholar.

Bush not only banishes those who tell him the truth, at times he seems not to recognize the truth on the rare occasions it’s spoken to him in the first place. An incurious, impatient man of the slenderest gifts, hopelessly in over his head, Bush is happy to be handled, and as Ron Suskind argues in The One Percent Doctrine, doesn’t want to know what’s going on.

The Blog | Terry Curtis Fox: Not Gonzales, Not Rove. Bush. | The Huffington Post

Without question, Bush is willfully ignorant, incurious about the world, and astonishingly ready to disregard evidence, scientific, military, and other.

. . . [But] Do we really think Bush is so dumb he didn't know what he was doing when he decided he was no longer pleased with his very effective U.S. Attorneys?

Disgusted Beyond Belief: Hatred of Bush?
Friday, March 16, 2007

Bush just seems so lost, even though I know he really isn't. He seems so out of his league. So incurious. It is like he is a bad president more by negligence than by his personal design, which he leaves to Cheney, Rove, et al.

On the Aisle- Film Review by Tony Macklin | Fayetteville (Arkansas) Free Weekly
March 15th, 2007

[Zodiac film director David] Fincher also emphasizes the beginning of the squandering of due process of law. Some of the cops in the film try to hold on to that slippery concept, but Dirty Harry is in the theatres. Dirty Dick and Incurious George will hold sway in the future.

Posted by The Dude on March 13, 2007 09:36 AM

He never truly changed his incurious, arrogant ways, however, and many times since we have heard the situation in Iraq changed, the economy changed, or some sort of bullshit excuse while he tells fart jokes, offers unwanted backrubs and falls off his bike.

Tramps Like Us, Baby We Were...... BORN TO WRITE - Send in the Clowns (before The Poison Sets In)
Mar. 11th, 2007 at 5:40 PM

I hesitate to use the "bear" analogy when we have the likes of Flush Limbaugh and Scooter "Just Waiting to be Pardoned by Incurious George" Libby dipping into the same image bank.

mobile haiku: Out of touch
posted by levinebar at 1:07 PM
This is believed by uncuriousgeorge.org to be the first poem of any kind, let alone a haiku, with "Uncurious George" or "Incurious George" in the body of the poem. A question for Incurious George, published at suchlike.net: news in haiku, October 29, 2004, was the first poem known to uncuriousgeorge.org with "Incurious George" in the title.

Out of touch

Incurious George
can't grasp that Iraq is lost.
Wagers still more lives

Bush is the Worst, Period - Opinion
The Daily Campus Serving the Southern Methodist University Community Since 1915
George Henson, ghenson@smu.edu
Issue date: 3/9/07 Section: Opinion
George Henson is a Spanish professor at SMU.

Bush is, after all, the country's first C-student president, whom the academic counselor at Phillips Academy told to apply to multiple colleges because he feared the academically incurious George wouldn't get into Yale.

Blah blah Ginger: Historic ranking
Friday, March 09, 2007
posted by dsg at 9:24 PM

He’s lost the Congress, he’s lost the American people, and now, finally, he’s starkly revealed for what he’s been all along: an incurious, incompetent, inarticulate fraud of a man who could never and will never be half the leader his father was (and while his father wasn’t the greatest president, he looks like a statesman now, doesn’t he?).

.: Liar's Poker
Friday, March 9, 2007
Posted by The Works Blog at 5:16 PM

Huge protests rage around "the Rich Boy in the Bubble," and his incurious ass sits in splendor and thinks of all the money he's stashed for his private life after he goes out of office.

credible: Wrong on Venezula
Thursday, March 08, 2007
posted by Michael Price | 10:06 PM

The FCC licenses and the Chavez government “concessions”, but they are effectively the same thing, which according to incurious George are "the juridical means by which the administration cedes to a person the privative use of something in the public domain, or the management of a public service, for a determinate period of time and under certain conditions.".

Canary in the Coalmine: Uncurious
Thursday, March 8, 2007
Posted by Dave at 9:48 PM
Also cited in Uncurious Media.

The uncurious press has given Uncurious George a pass for the last six years. Dan Froomkin at the Washington Post suggests some questions: [read them!]

The Ascendant Center: Do you know why you don't like Bush?
Tuesday, March 6, 2007
Posted by Obama fan at 6:14 PM

Those who follow the White House closely know that the real tragedy of his administration isn't his policies per se. It's "W's" arrogance, displayed by a lack of curiosity and questioning. It's his inability to accept/understand different points of view. And it's his inability to change his mind when the facts are shown to be different than he supposed.

Shisaku: Could it be? Oh, hell why wouldn't it be?
Monday, March 05, 2007
posted by MTC @ 7:49 PM
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe described as incurious and like Bush.

Stupid man. Stupid, incurious, arrogant, dogmatic man who deserves to lose in July.

Why has his prime ministership replicated intellectual trajectory of the Bush presidency, only at 12 times the speed?

Comment is free: Learn to love him
March 5, 2007 6:33 PM

Bush doesn't read newspapers; there is no evidence that he consults the internet. This is evidence of incuriosity on a heroic scale.

Montreal Mirror - Music
Furious at the incurious
Thought is hot, as far as TV on the Radio are concerned
March 1, 2007

Out of respect for Bush’s “incurious” character, the lyrics to TVOTR’s explicitly political post-Katrina protest tune “Dry Drunk Emperor” are uncharacteristically clear and to the point. Oh, and George, the tune is a free download (get your own at www.tgrec.com/bands/album.php?id=367), so it won’t add to that trillion-dollar deficit.

posted by anselpixel at 3/01/2007 10:03:00 AM

Incurious George and his neocon handlers really blew North Korea and the opportunity to slow down nuke proliferation there. Josh Marshall conducts a quick tutorial this morning that lets us see clearly just how major a SNAFU the Bushco policy was.

February 2007

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Indeed, it was our country's misfortune to have a leader in the oval office who was so woefully inept, so sadly not up to the task of governing this nation, so communicatively challenged and intellectually incurious during this epically important time.

Ill-Literates - Home of the Ill-Literati » Romney’s Hair, W’s Stepford Wife, And Satan’s Little Helper Lives On
Tuesday, February 27th, 2007 at 5:40 pm
By The Dude

I guess you [first lady Laura Bush] have to be a bit daft and clueless to live your life alongside His Impedimence, incurious George, but just shut up.

Bradstein Household: The Needle and the Damage Done
Sunday, February 25, 2007
Posted by Papa Bradstein at 9:09 PM
This blogger links to an uncuriousgeorge.org page.

All I could think is that this kid needs King Solomon and he got Uncurious George.

Does the president know what the word neocon means? - By Timothy Noah - Slate Magazine
Posted Friday, Feb. 23, 2007, at 6:43 PM ET

When someone is as uncurious as George W. Bush, it's easy to underestimate what he knows.

k8co!Blog: It Bears Repeating
Friday, February 23, 2007
Posted by k8 at 8:41 AM

There are so many Bush quotes I could plaster on posters and t-shirts--not just dopey and ignorant, but insulting, inflammatory, incurious, and cruel.

Vigilance: "Incurious" is Nowhere to be Seen
Saturday, February 17, 2007
From 2004 to 2007, the top 10 words associated with President Bush have grown more negative, but "incurious" has yet to make the top-10 list.

CaliBlogger: What would Lincoln do?
Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Andrew Sullivan cites this letter written by Abraham Lincoln on the wisdom of giving the President authority to wage preventative war:

[Lincoln quotation on the limits of power omitted here.]

That's probably too long a paragraph for Incurious George to read, perhaps some one could give him a summary?

Will Bush be best man? at greenlnk
Published February 14th, 2007
Click link for picture captioned "Wounded US Marine returns home from Iraq to marry."

I don’t know who this guy is, but I sure hope inCurious George got an invite to the wedding. No gift necessary, Mr. President. You’ve already given this lovely young couple so much.

STLtoday - News - Editorial / Commentary
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Articles of Feith
Also appeared Feb. 14 in the Belleville (Ill.) News Democrat.

. . . just last week, the Pentagon's inspector general reported that Douglas Feith, one of the war's chief architects, had created made-to-order intelligence to help justify the invasion of Iraq. . . .

His good government initiative claimed to have found a "mature, symbiotic relationship" between Saddam Hussein's government and Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda organization and sold the idea to a credulous and incurious president. The inspector general's report reaffirms - surprise - that there was no credible evidence to support such a conclusion.

Monday, February 12, 2007
posted by Sheila Samples @ 9:29 AM
Also posted to OpEdNews.com and Counterbias. Also cited at Uncurious Media.

If the Bush administration and the US mainstream media are united on any one issue, it's an absolute refusal to rock the political boat as they sail mercilessly through the seas of corporate profit on the good ship Terrorbush. For the most part, each group is an incurious lot -- undead creatures who neither care, nor dare, to glance over the side of the ship at the bloated, swirling bodies in the blood-red water below.

What If We Really Wanted to Stop the Surge? | TPMCafe
DuBaun's Blog
By DuBaun
Feb 12, 2007 -- 12:23 AM EST

Trust me: if Exxon-Mobil started losing most of its U.S. sales for a few months, the CEO would be on the phone to Incurious George.

The Osterley Times: Target Iran: US able to strike in the spring
Saturday, February 10, 2007
Posted by Kel at 6:42 AM

Iran is a new regional superpower and it is aligned to the Maliki government in Iraq that Bush supports. That is simply the reality that Bush has created. All of these facts are interrelated and interconnected. Bush's spectacular lack of curiosity seems to have blinded him to the fact that you can't pull this particular piece of string without unravelling the whole tapestry.

The Blog | Paul Abrams: "I Knew Harry Truman, Harry Truman Was a Friend of Mine, and George W., You're No Harry Truman" | The Huffington Post

Bush had every educational opportunity (from prep school to Yale to Harvard Business School, each of which he entered because of family influence, not performance) but wound up uninformed with lack of curiosity. Truman, who had no educational opportunities, trained himself through extensive reading, and was a very learned man with a broad knowledge of history and culture, and insatiable curiosity.

Independents Unbound: Bush's Uncle Under Investigation (surprise, surprise)
Friday, February 9, 2007
Posted by Pelican1 at 5:39 PM

I can remember when we all thought that the idea that the Bush famliy, itself, was a sort of Ma and Pa crime ring sounded ludicrous. Yep, even knowing that old Prescott had, sort of, laundered money for the Nazis, even after the U.S. entere the fray.

It's true. The Bushes and Walkers even had their assets frozen.

Nevertheless, we now, to a number, believe that the Bush family, including close family allies, friends and business associates, who are usually guilty of something, themselves, make up the biggest, most dangerous crime family in American History

I see it as almost poetic justice that it is the eldest, self-confessed black sheep of a dark dynasty who finally OUTS a whole damn bed of rattle-snakes, as a result of his high-brow, barely hidden these days, incurious, intellectually challenged, frat boy-routine, as he drags the nation further and further down into an bottomless hell pitt.

Contract Lecturer: The Iraq/Iran? War
Friday, February 09, 2007

George Bush has almost single-handedly brought American power and prestige to its knees. Pretty impressive, you must admit, for something he has been able to accomplish in less than six years. This incurious, indolent man has supervised (I’m not sure if that is the right word) his country’s remarkable destruction right before his too-close-set eyes.

Salon.com | The little man
By Garrison Keillor
Feb. 8, 2006

So why does he still seem so small, our president? In his presidential library, he'll be portrayed as Abraham Lincoln after Chancellorsville and FDR after Corregidor, but to most of us, the crisis in Washington today stems from a man intellectually and temperamentally unequipped to rise to the challenge. Most of us sense that when, decades from now, the story of this administration comes out, it will be one of ordinary incompetence, of rigid and incurious people overwhelmed by events in a world they don't dare look around and see.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

George Bush never traveled overseas before he was president. This would not be so remarkable for a working class American as travel takes time and money, but Bush came from one of the nation’s wealthiest families. His refusal to travel shows an astounding lack of curiosity on his part.

s u p e r c i l i o s u s: You are either for evidence or you are against it
2.06.2007 Posted by Dan Clem at 11:08 AM

But with Bush I tend to think that this is a man who literally has no idea what evidence really is, or what the scientific method is about, or the difference between his faith in Christ and our faith in the Constitution and democracy. To Bush, everything is just whatever you believe it to be, whether it's his interpretation of a new law or his interpretation of our Constitution or the Geneva Accord. And when current reality flies in the face of what he wants to believe, he simply takes the long view, and starts thinking about his legacy fifty years from now. And he starts talking about the Iraq debacle as "just a comma" in history.

. . . Come 2008, I hope we'll be wary of a candidate who is proud of being dumb, average, gut-driven, incurious, and deeply religious. I hope we'll elect someone who not only knows what evidence is but has reverence for it, who demands it before leading our country to war, bankrupting our economy, denying a climatic phenomenon that could wreak havoc on our lives for centuries, and working to undo years of scientific and educational progress.

Age of the amateur
Ottawa Citizen
Andrew Cohen, Citizen Special
Published: Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Andrew Cohen teaches journalism and international affairs at Carleton University.

Now, facing catastrophe in Iraq, we see the consequences. If there is one lesson of Iraq, it is the questions that the president did not ask, the doubts that he did not have, the options that he did not explore. People with experience ask those questions; like the simple son of the Jewish Passover, however, the untutored, incurious Mr. Bush did not know what to ask when it came to making war in Iraq.

jaylake: Income Inequality and the Republican Legacy
Jay Lake (jaylake) wrote, @ 2007-02-05 16:23:00

But here you have the voodoo economics of the Reaganauts, the post-Straussian Imperial wet dreams of the Neocons, and the centuries-old Calvinist social paranoia of the Churched Right all being supported and driven forward by a leader who has made a virtue out of a deliberately incurious and anti-intellectual lack of inquiry in the name of consistency and principle. (Bush is so vapid and devoid of introspection that one must wonder how he arrived at his so-called principles in the first place.)

And Doctor Biobrain's Response Is...: How Cheney Stole America
Sunday, February 04, 2007
posted by Doctor Biobrain @ 1:19 PM

Clinton, Bush Sr., and others are likely to have been at the mercy of their experts, but the difference is that they understood their limitations.  And more importantly, they knew how to ask questions to uncover bullshit.  But Bush can’t do that.  Not only is he an uncurious person who only hears what he wants to hear, but he’s so ignorant that he surrounded himself with non-experts.  People who believe that “expertise” is a con-game that anyone can play.  If you act like an expert, you are one.  And besides, Bush resents real experts, because he doesn’t like the idea of people being better than him at anything.

Moore Betta - Los Angeles Times
Dan Neil
February 4, 2007

[Michael] Moore's singular premise has been vindicated by events: An incapable and incurious man with a delinquent sense of history took us to war under false pretenses, with the wrong people, with all the swagger of a warrior who had never been to war.

The Human Stain: Pinhead Science
posted by James Roberts at 2/03/2007 05:20:00 PM

More evidence is coming to light that shows conclusively how the frat boy and his corporate owners have deliberately muzzled and impeded the honest, factual investigations of climatologists into the causes of global warming:

[Excerpt omitted here]

One could make a convincing argument that Bush is an intellectually lazy man, incurious about the world around him and disdainful of those he believes to be his mental superiors.

Comment is free: Remembering Molly Ivins
(London) Guardian)
February 2, 2007 07:30 AM

Ivins, a small "r" republican, took her shots at regal Brits, just as she did regal Americans, in a column that appeared in almost 400 newspapers several times a week. But she was, like most American liberals, a bit of an anglophile. And she let it be known that she expected an Oxford-educated prime minister, especially one from the Labour Party, to give foreign policy cues to the untraveled and incurious president she anointed Shrub.

The Blog | Steve Clemons: Biden's Zingers: Weighing the Ones that Matter and Those That Don't | The Huffington Post

it's George Bush's "inarticulateness" that worries me, along with George Bush's lack of curiosity and intellectual laziness about important policy matters. Don't you think that when inarticulateness is measured that the real benchmark is the composite of intellectual engagement with the country's real problems. . . .

I think we ought to now begin asking who has the intellectual capacity to wrestle down tomorrow's problems. On that scale -- just think of what lies ahead.

The uncurious George Bush could be replaced by Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Christopher Dodd, Wesley Clark, Chuck Hagel (I hope), Tom Vilsack, Mitt Romney, John Edwards, or Bill Richardson. I know there are others, but this is enough choices for today.

BlueHerald - News You Can Abuse » Blog Archive » Rightwing Cartoon Watch #13 (2-1-07)

Bush is infamous for not asking questions. He barely if ever asked questions of Paul O’Neill during their weekly meetings, as detailed in The Price of Loyalty. He wouldn’t bother to read even two pages of essential briefing materials before key meetings, as detailed on several occasions in The One Percent Doctrine - the most notorious being him blowing off the PDB entitled, “Bin Laden Determined to Attack in U.S.” The Assassin’s Gate reports how Bush didn’t ask Jay Garner any substantive questions about Iraq (y’know, that country we invaded) after Garner returned. And then there’s Bush’s failure to ask a single question during an important Katrina briefing.

Added to that, Bush may be the most diabolical, lethal expression of the Peter Principle ever. He is almost certainly the least qualified, most incurious, stupid man ever to hold the office. He cannot manage a debate among his staff, and actively seeks to squelch rational decision-making in government agencies.

CaliBlogger: Worst. President. Ever.
Thursday, February 01, 2007
Posted by Citizen Kang at 2/01/2007 09:58:00 PM

It's common wisdom that Bush's Iraqi nightmare will be his lingering historical legacy.

But it's possible that his worse crime won't be the deaths of 100s of thousands of humans (yes, I include Iraqi deaths as worth consideration), but will instead be the willful ignorance and greed that may ultimately lead to the deaths of millions.

And yes, I know, Incurious George has plenty of company in ignorance and denial, but given the magnitude of the potential devastation I can not believe he will be spared.

W has failed the Democracies of both the US and Middle East.
OpEd News
February 1, 2007 at 18:06:24
by winston winston

You wonder if "the intellectually incurious" one is even aware of the history of his brutal Oval Office's plan to allow the genocide of 5.2 million Sunni Iraqis?

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