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December 2004

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Contributor: The Cabinet of Incuriosities
The Cabinet of Incuriosities
Published: December 28, 2004
Interesting article, doesn't allege even indirectly that Bush is incurious, but that loyalty (as he narrowly defines it) trumps talent.

AlternateHistory.com Discussion Board - View Single Post - Who voted for Bush or is AH.com den of liberals?
December 14, 2004
Michael E. Johnson

You mean to tell me there are only 2 here that voted for Non-curious George . . . ?

WFMU Message Board - The Case For Bush Hatred - part 2
Dec 7th, 2004, 2:52pm

Bush is just not a terribly bright man. (Or, more precisely, his intellectual incuriosity is such that the effect is the same.)

The Indelible Evil of this War
December 7, 2004
By Ernest Partridge

An incurious, narcissistic psychopath sits in the Oval Office – an office he did not legitimately win four years ago – an office that he may have seized last month through massive, many-faceted electoral manipulation and fraud.

Support is More Than a Magnetic Yellow Ribbon on Your Car
December 3, 2004

These men and women were sent to war at best by skewed evidence that passed through the strikingly uncurious executive branch, and at worst by lying suits who never knew the hell of war.

November 2004

Not So Wide World of Sport: November 2004
Friday, November 26, 2004
posted by sport at 2:51 PM
Includes an image of Incurious George Bush as the famous monkey, stomping on a full trash can.

TomDispatch - Tomgram: Johnson on Creating a Worthless Intelligence Agency
Copyright C2004 Chalmers Johnson
posted November 23, 2004 at 9:46 pm

So let's return to the official story, Bumiller-style: "In short, Mr. Bush knows who his friends are, and they're now in his cabinet." Friends in the cabinet? Well, think of it another way. Imagine our uncurious George and his Vice President as feudal lords who have called their retainers to their side. Their men are now filling the moat and pulling up the drawbridge. (No more embarrassing kiss-and-tell memoirs like those from term one!) In essence, what's now being created inside the Beltway is the equivalent of what was created for the President on the campaign trail -- those adoring rallies, that moving campaign bubble, lacking the slightest challenge from reality. In a sense, what's now being put in place is a full-scale fantasy regime, armed to the teeth. Inside the castle (or the bubble, if you prefer) reality will be -- for a while at least -- what the President and Vice President decide it is.

News Read - TheDay.com
New London, CT: The Day
Kerry: ‘Your Hopes Are Part Of Me'
Published on 11/7/2004
Keith C. Burris is editorial page editor of the Journal Inquirer in Manchester, Conn.
This piece is more about the author's perception of Kerry's greatness, even in losing, than about Bush's incuriosity.

Like many people, I voted for George Bush in 2000, liked him, and believed him when he said he wanted to bring us together. But his war lost me. And the false reasons and facts upon which it was based lost me. And his certitude lost me. . . .

Then a funny thing happened. As I began to study the man [Sen. John Kerry], I found a human being in politician's clothing — a man as complex as George Bush is simplistic and as curious as Bush is uncurious.

TIME.com: In Victory's Glow
Wednesday, Nov. 03, 2004
Also appears as CNN.com - The extraordinary triumph of President George W. Bush - Nov 8, 2004. Despite this excerpt's harshness toward president Bush, the article as a whole is mainly a news analysis of the 2004 election.

On the eve of Election Day, fully 55% of voters said the country was moving in the wrong direction. Only 49% approved of the job the President was doing, and anything below 50% is supposed to be fatal to an incumbent. A war that Bush promised would cost no more than $50 billion a year is running at nearly three times that. He was attacked by well-organized and well-funded detractors who described him as a liar, a fraud, a drug abuser, a warmonger, an incurious zealot, an agent of the Saudis, a puppet of his goblin Vice President.

Reading Between the Lines: Having Our Say
Africana: Gateway to the Black World
By Amy Alexander
November 1, 2004
Amy Alexander is a Minneapolis journalist who has written for the Miami Herald, the Village Voice, and the Fresno Bee, and is co-author of Lay My Burden Down: Unraveling Suicide and the Mental Health Crisis Among African-Americans (Beacon).

First up, Jill Nelson, a former Washington Post reporter and author of Volunteer Slavery, a best-selling memoir about her time as a mainstream journalist.

Regarding the televised debates, Nelson wrote to me by email:

"I'd like to say I learned George W. Bush is worse than I thought he was, but that really would be impossible! His smug, white privileged, right wing Christian lack of curiosity, arrogance, and contempt were literally chilling! What's so stunning about this administration is the total, overt contempt they have for everyone who doesn't agree with them.

October 2004

Arianna's Political Brain: Partisan Fear and Hatred at the "Lizard" Level - Kent Bailey - MensNewsDaily.com™
October 31, 2004
Kent G. Bailey is professor emeritus of clinical psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. His major focus is on how ancient evolutionary processes affect current human affairs.
Bailey argues that Kerry is more guilty than Bush of using emotional, "lizard brain" appeals. This is, of course, preposterous.

Bush has been called a liar, a stupid oaf incapable of logical thought, an incurious nonintellectual who cannot ask a question much less answer one, a reckless Texas cowboy, a war-monger, a right-wing religious fanatic, a closet racist and overt homophobe, and, worst of all, a swaggering man's man who is completely comfortable in his own masculine skin.

Once upon a time, debating was civil / Charting the trend to politics of revenge
San Francisco Chronicle
Tom Goldstein
Sunday, October 31, 2004
Tom Goldstein, the former dean of the journalism schools at the University of California at Berkeley and at Columbia, teaches journalism at Arizona State University.
Goldstein observes that America is polarized far more than in the 1960s, but creates false equivalences in doing so. Coulter spouts venomous hate of liberals, and Franken reports that she does. This is not an equivalence, as implied by Mr. Goldstein.

[Graydon] Carter [author of What We've Lost: How the Bush Administration Has Curtailed Our Freedoms, Mortgaged Our Economy, Ravaged Our Environment and Damaged Our Standing in the World] scrupulously attributes most of his facts to their original sources, but when he mocks Bush as the most "incurious president ever" or calls Iraq "the G-spot for the Bush administration," there is, of course, no way of checking that out.

Policies Behind Poverty, By Stephen Phillips
Copyright 2004 TSL Education Limited The Times Higher Education Supplement
October 29, 2004

In July, 4,000 science researchers - including 48 Nobel prizewinners - signed a statement accusing the White House of spinning science to fit its agenda. "People always comment on President Bush's lack of curiosity, but it goes beyond that," says Stiglitz, who gained tenure at Princeton University at the age of 27. "It's a question of being anti-intellectual.

suchlike.net: news in haiku: A question for Incurious George
October 29, 2004
This is believed by uncuriousgeorge.org to be the first poem of any kind, let alone a haiku, with "Uncurious George" or "Incurious George" in the title.

A question for Incurious George

With Osama's tape
mocking your incompetence,
are you concerned yet?

October 29, 2004 at 06:29 PM

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Pants on Fire?
Published: October 27, 2004

But that's also the problem with his [Bush's] administration: his convictions are so solid that they're inflexible and utterly impervious to reality.

Is George Bush the Christians' Christian? - By Steven Waldman - Slate Magazine
Posted Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2004, at 6:46 AM ET

By most accounts, the president's basic intellectual make-up was formed long before his faith conversion. If Bush is incurious, it's not God's fault. . . .

The president repeatedly says he makes decisions based on "instinct" and "gut" and by looking into the hearts of world leaders. He lets it be known that he doesn't read the newspapers. He seems to discourage dissenting viewpoints. He jokes about his poor command of the English language and his lousy grades in school. He is America's most famous evangelical Christian and he's proudly anti-intellectual.

American Prospect Online - Finish the Mission
If John Kerry wins, he owes George W. Bush a job: ambassador to Iraq.
By Kenneth S. Baer
Web Exclusive: 10.26.04
Kenneth S. Baer, a former senior speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore, runs Baer Communications, a Democratic consulting firm.

Unlike Richard Nixon, he [George W. Bush] has shown none of the intellectual curiosity or aptitude to write tomes about foreign policy.

Kushner on Bush ... advocate.com
Commentary from the pages of The Advocate
An unmannerly pre-Election Day splenetic
From The Advocate, October 26, 2004
By Tony Kushner
Kushner is the author of the play and HBO film Angels in America as well as Homebody/Kabul and Caroline or Change.
first observed by Uncuriousgeorge.org on October 11, 2004

Some Bush supporters are decent and intelligent, and yet they’re knowingly returning to the White House an embarrassingly inept, ignorant, incurious, and unfeeling figurehead for the worst conventicle of religious nuts, plutocrats, and petrochemical bagmen ever to lay hold of our federal government.

CBS News | The Hunt For A Contrite President | October 19, 2004 10:28:19
(CBS) This Against the Grain commentary was written by CBSNews.com's Dick Meyer.
Dick Meyer, a veteran political and investigative producer for CBS News, is the Editorial Director of CBSNews.com, based in Washington.
Meyer argues that Bush should be judged on his record but not on his willingness to admit error. Uncuriousgeorge.org believes Bush's inability to admit error is an aspect of his uncuriousness, and is a valid basis for judgment. Uncuriousgeorge.org also rejects the term "Bush-haters" for people who disagree with George W. Bush.

There is a great and deep belief amongst Bush-haters and commentators that the president’s perceived inability to admit mistakes and apologize is his fatal flaw, or at least the flaw that somehow proves once and for all that he is a man of low character and has a psychological profile poorly suited to be a competent player in history.

It is closely related to their feeling that Bush is intellectually incurious, which stimulates a conviction that he is a simpleton, which reminds of how much he mangles the English language, which leads to his religiosity, which ties into his basic Bubba-ness which, they think, is all an act anyway.

Just a Bump in the Beltway: Reality-Based
Posted by Melanie at October 21, 2004 07:12 AM
This is not a true "Uncurious Bush" reference; it's actually an "Uncurious Bush supporters" reference.

Bush Supporters Misread Many of His Foreign Policy Positions

Kerry Supporters Largely Accurate

Swing Voters Also Misread Bush, But Not Kerry. . . .

[provides details on Bush supporters misinformed about Bush positions.]

Uncurious Bush supporters are rather like their candidate.

I find this troubling: democracy depends on an informed electorate.

Syracuse.com: Syracuse politics
The Rational Liberal
A weblog by Jude Nagurney Camwell
Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Have I been dreaming or has Bush not been scaring America at every turn since 9/11 happened on his extremely non-curious watch?

American Prospect Online - ViewWeb
By Todd Gitlin
Web Exclusive: 10.15.04

During his nearly four years in power, Bush has shielded himself from contrary opinion. Uncongenial media amount to a “filter.” Objectivity reaches him directly through his employees, “the most objective sources I have ... people on my staff who tell me what’s happening in the world.” About Bush’s deep, unruffled incuriousness we have the words of former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill, who told reporter Ron Suskind (as quoted in Suskind’s invaluable book The Price of Loyalty): “O’Neill had been made to understand by various colleagues in the White House that the President should not be expected to read reports. In his personal experience, the President didn’t even appear to have read the short memos he sent over. That made it especially troubling that Bush did not ask any questions ... .”

BigSoccer Boards - Will Bush's defeat signal the end for Karl Rove?
13 Oct 2004, 06:45 PM
Karl Keller

If you guys are all over Bush for incuriousness and lack of appreciation of detail, then Rove is your cup of tea.

AlterNet: Election 2004: Harvard to Bush: You're failing
Posted by Evan on October 10, 2004 @ 9:35PM

Bush wasn't what you'd call a standout at Harvard Business School. His lack of curiosity and boastful attitude earned him middling grades and little respect. Harvard's latest assessment of Bush's business acumen came in the form of an open letter -- but it sure looks like an "F."

Movable Theoblogical: John Dilulio on the Bush Administration
October 10, 2004

Dilulio's testimony lends much credence to the fact that this president continues to operate without curiosity for knowledge or substantive dialogue.

2004 Reasons to Boot Bush

What are the reasons to boot Bush? Oh, let us count the ways: . . .

333. Because Laura Bush married beneath her -- a librarian having a "non-curious" husband who doesn't read a single newspaper and gets his important information in 'sound bites' from staffers can only mean she missed her calling ... she should have gone into puppetry.

Speak Your Mind And Read Mine: October 2004
Friday, October 08, 2004
OK, Let's Pull Out All Of The Stops
posted by Michael at 8:20 AM

Why is Bush so dramatically non-curious about things scientific?

Eric Alterman - The Book on Bush: How George W. (Mis)Leads America (2004)
October 4, 2004

The Book on Bush reveals a president who, while determinedly uninformed, uncurious, and unyielding, is messianic in pursuing the goals of his three leading constituencies: the religious right, big business and neoconservatives.

Counterbias: Who's Your Daddy
Who's Your Daddy?
George W. Bush plays a father figure, but only on TV
October 4 2004
by Steve Horowitz

A former speechwriter describes Bush as "often uncurious and as a result ill-informed, more conventional in his thinking than a leader probably should be."

Salt Lake Tribune - Opinion October 1, 2004
Letters to the Editor
The Smartest Kid

Well, I want the smartest   kid in the class to be my president - not George Bush, the incurious C student.

Stephen Trimble
Salt Lake City

tingilinde: bush may have had a plan before iraq
October 01, 2004

Other types of intelligence involve analysis and curiosity. In these areas Mr Bush clearly comes up short. His incuriosity is probably the biggest negative for the Presidency. The fact that he is a great communicator (even using a certain dyslexic stumbling with words to powerful advantage) makes this even more dangerous.

Daily Kos :: "Deer in the Headlights"
by Doc Bogus
Fri Oct 1st, 2004 at 08:25:13 GMT

For the first time in his entire life, George W. Bush has to defend his actions.   Imagine that.  The absolutely first time he is called on the carpet without a safety net of money and power, it is because this incurious, spoiled child was handed the keys not to the T-Bird, but to the Empire, and he had never even successfully delivered a newspaper route, not only incompetent but spectacularly, legendarily, definitively incompetent, yet elevated inexplicably to the most complicated job in all of humanity, a job so far above any possibility of his handling it that the end is inevitable and almost a Greek tragedy, certain to be the subject of many future histories, except that it is really a drag carrying the spear and singing in the chorus because the show is running in the red.

September 2004

9/30/2004 - A List Of Bush's Faults - Opinion - Chattanoogan.com
The Chattanoogan, Chattanooga, TN

We Democrats were cheated out of our victory in 2000 and it may happen again, God forbid. I think it imperative that some of the wrongs of the Bush Administration be asserted and that voters have more facts than the press and media are willing to give them. I will list here some major wrongs for consideration by those who are still undecided, or even for those who are still open-minded. All of the points I will make are documented elsewhere and if anyone wants the sources, I will be glad to provide them. Of course, most of these points will be readily recognized. . . .

15. He has a lack of curiosity which reflects ingorance. . . .

Mildred Perry Miller

Islamic Forum, discussion board
From Shaukat Guest
9/29/2004 16:43:23
Subject: September 11 and Incurious Bush

Think about how you reacted on 9/11? Wasn't your first instinct to try and find what was going on? Not "Incurious Bush".

George W. Bush Is Shameless - Bush Lies and Much Worse
© Copyright for the GWB Is Shameless is by Chris M. Fick 2004, Frisco, Texas (Updated 9/13/2004)

What is damning about Bush's character are not just the harmfulness of the lies he tells, but an entire history of corruption, manipulations, deceptions, cronyism, propaganda, payoffs, nepotism, slanders, hypocrisy, drug and alcohol abuse, cheating, stealing, shallowness, whoring, and an uncurious intellect.

MyDD :: Comments :: Winning the Debate
It's about Kerry, not Bush
This blog comment was quoted by JillR's Daily Kos Diary, titled Tinkerbell presidency: winning meme for debate.

For undecided voters it's about Kerry, not Bush. Undecided voters don't like Bush (as President, not as person) and they don't like the war. But they don't like Kerry yet either.  Kerry has to make the sale now.  He has to:
  1. Answer questions succinctly.
  2. Not contradict something he's said before (post-debate analysis will check closely)
  3. Make his prime attacks on Bush's character, not just his decisions: poor judgment, lack of curiosity, living in fantasy land, dishonesty.
  4. Have a memorable line - call Bush the Tinkerbell Presidency. It will attack Bush's manliness and his attention to reality.
by elrod on Tue Sep 28th, 2004 at 01:42:47 AM EST

The Village Voice: Features: George W. Bush Ain't No Cowboy by Erik Baard
See how the little feller measures up to the Cowboy Code, and you tell me.
September 28th, 2004 10:10 AM

Even the Virginian hit the books, albeit to impress a pretty schoolteacher. But Bush, though he married a librarian, is famously incurious.

The Globe and Mail
In a Bush league of their own
Saturday, September 25, 2004 - Page D8

The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty
By Kitty Kelley
Doubleday, 705 pages, $39.95

It's true that Bush was hurt in 2000 when it came to light, just days before the election, that he was arrested in 1976 for drunk driving. Some pollsters believe it cost him the popular vote

But that was four years ago. Americans no longer care what he did when he was "young and irresponsible," or that he took office with the thinnest resumé of any president in memory -- incurious, unlettered and untravelled.

TheStar.com - Blame Canada! Author takes aim at Dubya
The Toronto Star
Sep. 18, 2004. 09:11 AM
Blame Canada! Author takes aim at Dubya

But even if "incurious George" squeaks back in, [Vanity Fair editor Graydon] Carter can live with it. He'll pull back on the attacks and wait to see which way the next four years unfold. "Second terms can be rough," he says. "Nixon had Watergate, Reagan Iran-Contra, Clinton had Monica."

Gore Compares Bush's Faith to Terrorists, Says President is 'A Very Weak Man' -- GOPUSA
By Jimmy Moore
Talon News
September 13, 2004

He [Al Gore] added [in a The New Yorker interview], "I think that [Bush] is incurious," describing the president as lacking mental interest.

Charlotte Observer | 09/12/2004 | News junkie computes national buzzword index
The Charlotte Observer
Knight Ridder

Payack initially worried about political balance after he released his debut findings in April, when the word "incurious" to describe President Bush rated the top spot.

Congress.Org -- Issues and Legislation
Soapbox Alert
Cheney was right!
Undated, but first observed by uncuriousgeorge.org on September 11, 2004. Author unknown. Cited here in full.

Kerry/Edwards is the choice!

Most people have missed the actual subtext of Cheney's speech when he said:

"If we make the wrong choice, then the danger is we'll get hit again and we'll be hit in a way that'll be devastating from the standpoint of the United States, and we'll fall back into the pre-9/11 mind set that these terrorist attacks are criminal attacks and we're not really at war." (quoted from L.A. Times).

What people don't realize is that Cheney meant DON'T VOTE FOR ME OR MY RUNNING MATE, non-CURIOUS GEORGE!. Cheney knows that a choice for them means that "we'll get hit again" because they were in charge when the first 9/11 attack occurred. They did nothing to prevent it then, and they are working very hard now to do nothing to prevent a second attack. They have diverted badly-needed funds and troops from Afghanistan and from the bin Laden hunt, they misled the country into an invasion, they have inflamed the Arab world by invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, they have alienated our traditional international supporters, they had no post-invasion plans to implement, they are exhausting our military power, and they are daily increasing a national debt that will take 50 years to repay. Cheney knows all this -- and he is afraid.

Thus, what Cheney was saying was Don't vote for us -- the danger is too great. Cheney actually wants everyone to vote for Those Other Guys .

Good idea.

The Washington Monthly
Political Animal
By Kevin Drum, formerly of Calpundit

He doesn't read, he doesn't think, he has no curiosity and no ambition to learn so naturally his brain is atrophying. Just like every piece of biomechanical matter if it isn’t used it crumbles.

What has Bush had to think about the last four years? The neo-cons plan his foreign policy, Greenspan does his fiscal, the religious right his civil and the rest of his staff do what’s left over. All Chimp has to do is read teleprompters. In the end his brain will be a small, rusty lump rattling around his skull.

No mystery here.

Posted by: salvage on September 9, 2004 at 12:51 PM

Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/05/2004 | America Votes | What-ifs that could turn the race
Posted on Sun, Sep. 05, 2004
By Dick Polman
Inquirer Staff Writer

Can Bush muzzle his Texas cowboy image? Those Americans who view Bush unfavorably - between 40 percent and 46 percent, according to most new polls - variously believe he is mean, trigger-happy, incurious or inflexible. So his top people sought, during convention interviews, to paint him as nice, cautious, curious, and flexible.

August 2004

Fear of Clowns: Bush campaign banking on votes from incurious voters
Tuesday, August 31, 2004
This entry is a ringer; voters rather than Bush described as incurious.

Kerry, Kerry, quite contrary - AUG 14, 2004
The Straits Times (Singapore)
By Lee Siew Hua

Slate pokes fun at President George W. Bush's 'torture' of the English language, capturing his 'ignorance, incuriosity, laziness and thoughtlessness expressed in frequent gaffes'.

Buckeye Law Guy: Some reflections on an analogy
posted by Allen @ 8/26/2004 04:25:47 PM

Now, I ask you: which of these two different "teams" would be elected in a junior high or high school election? There's a very real chance that the first pair, the bullies (subtle and not so much so) would win the election, even if they had to...cough, cough...help the process along a bit. They're the ones who win with the platform that says "everyone should get three day weekends every week, and we should, like, get to have partner tests, and, uh, everyone should be able to tape the darkies and Pakis (and Afghanis - yes, I KNOW they're called "Afghans," and that the Afghani is the currency unit, but Incurious George doesn't know that) to the field goal posts." And the crowd cheers, waiting for Georgie's patented "burt" at the conclusion of his speech. (for the culturally unaware, that's a combination of a simultaneous fart and burp - two bodily expulsions of gas from two different orifices, very difficult to accomplish.)

MemeFirst: Who's smarter, Bush or Kerry?
August 10, 2004

Which makes Bush walking proof that years of alcoholic excess realy does turn men into mere intelllecual husks of their former selves. Or else he genially decided that feigning glib incuriosity is the best way to ingratiate himself with an anti-intellectual electorate.
Posted by: Stefan Geens from on August 10, 2004 08:57 AM

Dubya is not quite as sharp as a bag of wet slugs, although he may be canny and capable of doing some learning by rote, he is obviously intellectually incurious, which is really what consitutes practical intelligence.
Posted by: John E Thelin from on August 10, 2004 11:01 PM

The Pathology of Republican Passion, by Doug Snider
August 3, 2004
Doug Snider is a Vietnam veteran and serves on the Oregon steering committee of Business Leaders for Kerry-Edwards.

The hardest thing for me to understand through all of this has been the passion of Bush's supporters, faithful disciples of a man many people see as an incurious dolt and an inarticulate pretender to the highest office in the land.

A Service of The Repository, Canton, Ohio
Teresa’s philosophy: Don’t like it? Don’t look
Sunday, August 1, 2004
THIS ’N’ THAT Charita Goshay Repository staff writer

Though Laura Bush stands by her man, she does not march in lock step with him. She is a reader and thinker. He is curiously uncurious. She supports a woman’s right to choose. He does not, but she’s smart enough not to allow others to make an issue of it.

TheStar.com - Reflections
The Toronto Star
Aug. 1, 2004. 01:00 AM
One-third of Americans say they still have no real idea who John Kerry is.

And, alluding to an incumbent whose almost purposeful lack of curiosity makes him a useful tool for those who oppose potentially life-saving stem-cell research [John Kerry said]: "What if we had a president who believes in science?"

July 2004

U-Whittier Daily News - TV
Hardback attack
Polarized nation already voting with its book-buying dollar
By David Kronke
Television Writer
Article Published: Friday, July 30, 2004

"That's a sound point," [Ron] Suskind [author of The Price of Loyalty, the account of Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill's experience in the Bush administration] agrees. "The White House strategically feels we are a nation divided in terms of the coastlines and the way much of the rest of the country feels on these matters. Some in the White House believe if this president is attacked for his incuriousness, in some ways he scores points with people who frankly don't like the media. He may be intellectually disengaged in some cases, but don't mistake that for lack of acuity. He has tactical intelligence and is very effective at leveraging cultural divisions in the country."

Yar's Revenge
Friday, July 30, 2004
One for the vine

Ineptitude is weakness. Duplicity is weakness. Fearmongering is weakness. Incuriousness is weakness.

Bush is a weak president. The Bush presidency weakens America.

U-San Bernardino County Sun - TV
Article Published: Friday, July 30, 2004 - 12:17:47 PM PST
Hardback attack
Polarized nation already voting with its book-buying dollar
By David Kronke
Television Writer

"That's a sound point," [The Price of Loyalty author Ron] Suskind agrees. "The White House strategically feels we are a nation divided in terms of the coastlines and the way much of the rest of the country feels on these matters. Some in the White House believe if this president is attacked for his incuriousness, in some ways he scores points with people who frankly don't like the media. He may be intellectually disengaged in some cases, but don't mistake that for lack of acuity. He has tactical intelligence and is very effective at leveraging cultural divisions in the country."

The squishy middle
Wednesday, July 28, 2004
San Francisco Chronicle
Debra J. Saunders

I love how Kerry can be tough and smart -- yet misled to vote for the war by the "uncurious'' George W. Bush.

the road to surfdom
Posted by: Peter Murphy on July 26, 2004 11:23 PM

It may seem a cheap shot to track out the "Founding Fathers" - but can you see them happy with the cronyism, incuriousness and venality of the Bush Administration?

AxisofLogic/ Critical Analysis
George W. Bush’s Lasting Legacy to America: Part I of III
By Manuel Valenzuela, Contributing Editor
Jul 20, 2004, 14:39
Strident, articulate, and interesting piece, but unlikely to persuade persons who still trust Incurious George in spite of it all.

From being one of the worst, most ignorant and incurious students in college and Business School – all vividly remembered by professors and classmates – to multiple failures in business – always being bailed out by daddy or daddy’s friends – to a governorship granted him thanks to his last name, daddy’s connections and corporate anointment, George has almost always been less than a success, clearly unworthy of the job he now besmirches on a daily basis.

The Village Voice: Features: ON: Big Number Two by John Powers
Spooky Dick Cheney, serving up dripping red meat, defending the honor of Halliburton
July 20th, 2004 10:00 AM

Cheney himself had once dreamed of running for the White House. Something deep in him rebelled at playing second fiddle to a dabbler like George W. Far from serving as a dutiful éminence grise, he became an intimidating veep who surrounded the president with a praetorian guard that kept out dissenting opinions. "That's the way Dick likes it," observed former secretary of the treasury Paul O'Neill.

That's the way incurious George likes it too.

News Talk - Letters Index
The Detroit News

Posted: Sat. 07/17/04 03:50 PM
From: RealDCC
City: Farmington Hills, MI USA
Subject: stewartsentence

I am in strong disagreement with the man's [George W. Bush's] policies, direction, decision making, intellectual incuriousness, and buggling of our war on terrorism, but I don't hate him.

Homegrown Democrat: A Few Plain Thoughts From the Heart of America (Hardcover)
by Garrison Keillor
Publisher: Viking Adult (July 15, 2004)
no link: this is a book.

He's a rigid and incurious man overwhelmed by events in a world in which he is isolated and can't look around and see.

Robert Kane Pappas, Director of "Orwell Rolls in His Grave," PART 2 - A Buzzflash Interview
July 8, 2004

Robert Kane Pappas: I really believe that he’s [George W. Bush] left himself open, so that I think his personality is being levitated by pundits who want to pretend that they’re fair. At some point in [the movie] Orwell Rolls In His Grave, we say, “Ignorance is strength.”This is a quote from Orwell. He has it in 1984. Well, they can construe, “I will never change my mind.”I am incurious, and I know what I know, and I knew what I knew, and I know it. And it’s the same today, and it’ll be the same tomorrow. It has a tremendous clarity.

Definition of The Price of Loyalty - wordIQ Dictionary & Encyclopedia [sic: the amp; html garbage is there]
No date, but first observed by uncuriousgeorge.org on July 7, 2004. “Uncurious” also appears on the page linked by Paul O'Neill.

The Price of Loyalty: George W. Bush, the White House, and the Education of Paul O'Neill, a 2004 book, described the Bush administration during Paul O'Neill's tenure as Secretary of the Treasury. Written by former Wall Street Journal reporter Ron Suskind, the book says Bush's economic policies were irresponsible, Bush was unquestioning and uncurious, and the war in Iraq was planned from the first National Security Council meeting, soon after the administration took office.

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