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October–December 2003

Waiting for Regime Change
Waiting for Regime Change (Archive)
© 2003 copyright, American Hot Sausage

It's almost painful to watch as our most famous Texan bumbles through his presidency. Having already pissed off our greatest allies, squandered our economic prosperity, and committed our military to a long-term fiasco in the Middle East, we are left wondering what is left for curious uncurious George to destroy.

Daniel W. Drezner: Comment on Howard Dean is so in the mainstream
Posted by Kelli at December 24, 2003 11:27 AM

I was left thinking, perhaps it is better that a rather incurious fellow like W occupy the White House given that he likes to delegate and doesn't have an inflated opinion of his own intellect.

The Village Voice: Theater: Holiday Humbug by Charles McNulty
Yes, Virginia, there is a limit to Christmas pageantry
Holiday Humbug
by Charles McNulty
December 19, 2003

The darkening prospect of another bout of Curious George W. makes it hard for anyone, except the fat cats at Halliburton, to go "ho, ho, ho!"

One Down in Iraq - One to Go in America
By Doug Basham, Basham Radio

The time to be self righteous and holier than thou was not in the latter part of 2002 when this administration first started marketing this war like a half-off sale at J.C. Penney’s; and it was not in 2003 when the neo-cons coerced this uncurious, ignorant deserter in the White House to send our boys to die in Iraq. Rather, the time to get your edible undies in a wad was when the last generation of Republican thugs - namely Reagan and Bush I - were giving Saddam the dope he needed to be an evil bastard.

BushCo Slowly Destroying Bill of Rights
December 10, 2003
by Allen Snyder

BushCo’s routine use of Ten Amendments Toilet Paper is proof positive of their constitutional contempt. Dubya’s general ignorance and non-curious-George nature are well-documented, so we know he’s never studied them.

The Biggest Issue No One Is Talking About
The Moderate Independent
DEC 01 - 15, 2003
President Bush's Naive Foreign Policy Allows Putin To Play Him And Set The Stage For The Second Coming Of The USSR
by Ben F. Terton

When President Bush singled out Iran as part of his Axis of Evil, Putin took yet another opportunity to make a friend and gain power in the world by stepping in and renewing Russia's alliance with Iran. We make a move, he makes beautiful and subtle countermoves that go unnoticed by our [Project for the New American Century] PNAC-bullied, unthougthtful, incurious President.

Government Monkey: All over except for the shouting
December 09, 2003

Not that Bush is much better, the man has always struck me as being intellectually uncurious about the world around him and far too beholden to corporate interests even though his heart's in the right place.

American Politics Journal -- Pundit Pap
Pundit Pap
for Dec. 7, 2003
Senator Clinton Sounds Off
... and shuts down the attacks of the Sunday Morning Media Whores
by JJ Balzer

FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace
Players (for the segment we stuck around for): Wallace, White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card

[Howard] Dean answered by attacking Incurious George for screwing veterans by cutting their health benefits.

21: It's Clark. It Has To Be Clark. And It Will Be Clark.
by Vikram
December 7, 2003

All the things the American people liked about Clinton, Clark has. He is smart, compassionate, attentive to detail--a perfect contrast to Uncurious George, who partied through Yale earning gentleman's Cs and had to label himself "compassionate" in case people couldn't tell from his actions.

Whiskey Bar: ...Deserves Another
[Image caption] President Bush, alongside British Prime Minister Tony Blair, enjoys a light moment at the Dun Cow public house
Posted by: BillB at November 22, 2003 10:23 AM
This comment is apropos of the image posted to this weblog.

I don't think that Uncurious George is drunk, that's just his normal stupid grin.

SEE Magazine: November 20, 2003
London calling
Bush Brit trip a brownnose fest

Sigh. George W. Bush, what a guy. Does he ever stop? Sadly, "no" is the answer, but the news is worse than even that. No longer content to only erode civil liberties, poison the well of public discourse, and run his own country into irreparable debt, the heretofore uncurious George Walker Bush has accepted Tony Blair's invitation for a social call—actually, the first state visit by a US president to Great Britain since Woodrow Wilson's in 1918—and has ventured out of his yard. Pip pip!

Clark Community Network || CCN Home
General Clark's number one Aussie supporter
By Phoebe
Posted to Phoebe's weblog (Soapbox) on Tue Nov 18, 2003

I read widely on the net about what was really going on & my considered opinion, eventually, was that the US neocons & corporate interest groups had convinced themselves, each other & Incurious George that they could reorder the Middle East and give lots of fat contracts to their own special interest groups by invading Iraq. [italics and bold "and" in original]

TomDispatch - Bring him on
by Tom Engelhardt
posted November 18, 2003

Who can even remember -- it might as well have been the Neolithic age -- the moment when Bill Clinton exuberantly walked the streets of London high-fiving passers-by near Trafalgar Square (where demonstrators on Thursday are planning to pull down a 20-foot high statue of our own Uncurious George)? Only a few years have passed and yet we've all disappeared down some rabbit hole.

E x p e r i m e n t N u m b e r 6 2 6 .: November 17, 2003 ...
November 17, 2003
The Ape-Man Cometh

That bloody monkey, yes, I'm referring to King of the Chimps, Georgey Bush (a.k.a. Uncurious George) is on his way over to London town. Oh, how blessed we are. So, we don't have enough police to protect the streets of London, they complain and issue a bill to David Blaine when he did his stunt but they're going to put out an extra 5000 police to protect that bloody idiot!

Fifth Column
Victoria’s Secrets
Why they hate us, redux
by Richard Broderick
November 12, 2003

Bush let it be known that one of the principal reasons we wanted to overthrow the Taliban was to free the women of Afghanistan from fundamentalist oppression. As in Islamic fundamentalist oppression, not Christian fundamentalist oppression. That variety doesn’t seem to disturb Incurious George one whit.

The Seattle Times: Opinion: Keeping the mess from becoming a catastrophe
Tuesday, November 11, 2003
by William Raspberry

George Bush is not a dumb man. But before he decided to seek the presidency, he was willfully ignorant of international affairs — or at least strangely incurious.

The above was originally published in the Washington Post November 10, 2003 under the headline "President Without a Game Plan."

Anger Management Course: Driving while incompetent
Posted by Gordon at November 11, 2003

We have only to bear witness to the failure of Bush policies on the economy, the budget, foreign policy, and domestic policy to realize that this incurious, sheltered, ex(?)-alcoholic, rich boy hasn't a clue. Have I left anything out?

Election '04 | Gephardt seems . . . confused
The Boston Phoenix

Congressman Dick Gephardt had no trouble handling Chris Matthews’ typical rat-a-tat barrage . . . at Monday’s Hardball interview at Harvard University. Gephardt even dropped his fiery Bush-bashing rhetoric and seemed genuinely contemplative about the personality traits of George Bush that hold the president back, observing from his own first-hand experience that Bush "lacks curiosity" and "doesn’t want to appear well-read."

News Flash: Barbara Bush just as shallow and vacuous as Dubya

Washington, D.C.--At a book signing for her memoir “Reflections: Life after the White House”, America’s favorite grandma admitted that President Bush inherited his lack of intellectual curiosity from her.

“George was always such an uncurious child just like I was,” Barbara Bush said. “It’s such an ugly world full of poverty and hunger. I did the best I could to keep him from questioning too many things.”

Blog for America
Sunday, November 02, 2003
Governor Dean's Statement On Today's Attacks in Iraq

The Kerry people have a great ad up at The Onion. The Onion is the definitive satirical, left-leaning website. It is frequented by thinking young people. The Kerry ad says "Un-curious George," then transitions to Bush's quote about not reading newspapers, and then transitions to "STOP THE MADNESS-click here." . . .

Posted by: NateinNewHaven at November 2, 2003 01:20 PM

A second Bush term? Simply unfathomable, by D.G. Bowman - Democratic Underground
October 25, 2003

How could this incurious fraud get another four years (unless it's behind bars)?

idaho mountain express : Arnie and Wes: political ‘hot̵ guys — Commentary by Pat Murphy :  For the week of October 22 - 28, 2003
Idaho Mountain Express and Guide
For the week of October 22 - 28, 2003
Arnie and Wes: political ‘hot’ guys
Commentary by PAT MURPHY

Schwarzenegger is no empty vessel, as critics said of the incurious George W. Bush during the 2000 election.

Cogicophony: A Zoo of Thoughts: Bush Hatred gets Kurtzed
Posted by: few on October 19, 2003 12:45 PM

Now, I don’t deny that Bush might once have some innate potential for intelligence, though even that was probably fairly limited. But whatever little potential that might have been was long ago squandered due to his staggering level of intellectual incuriosity and laziness. The man, by his own accout, doesn’t even read a newspaper.

The War on Terrorism & Washington's Imperial Agenda in Asia
by Joseph Gerson, ARENA Workshop, American Friends Service Committee
October 17, 2003

With his “for us or against us” rhetoric; the invasion of Iraq that demonstrated Washington's “enemies” need not pose any immediate threat to their neighbors or to the U.S. itself, to merit “regime” change devastation; and the fact that the President delivered his renewed threat in the presence of movie actor (now governor elect) Arnold “The Terminator” Schwarzenegger, our uncurious and most dangerous President seemed to doing all that he could to stoke Asian fears.

George Akerlof's Question: Archive Entry From Brad DeLong's Webjournal
Posted by: Gary Farber on October 18, 2003 01:06 PM
This is the oldest, and so far the only, known use of the word "uncuriousness" apropos of George W. Bush.

Mind, there's something rather awe-inspiring about the way Bush just lies and lies and is so extremist (after all those lies about his "uniting"). And his uncuriousness seems stupdendous, as does his lack of interest in, you know, reading.

Blog for America
Thursday, October 16, 2003
Out of Control

Bush is not a Republican, he is an abomination, a horrible stain, a lie, a dispassionate, un-curious, narrow, mean, petty, small minded, uncompassionate, pathetic fraud, an insult to democracy.

Posted by: DeanRacer at October 16, 2003 07:00 PM

Maybe this [the leaking of Bush's order to stop the leaks] will be the straw that breaks Un-Curious George's back. . . .

Posted by: Janet in San Jose, CA at October 16, 2003 08:33 PM

The Carpetbagger Report » Blog Archive » Rich Lowry tries to smear Clinton, accidentally praises him
October 15, 2003

Now I don't know about you, but isn't it a good thing that Clinton's decision making wasn't driven by ideology? Lowry includes this quote as if it were proof of yet another Clinton flaw, but it strikes me as a strength. The president heard from different people who came to different conclusions on a given matter and then reached a decision in a non-ideological manner.

This, in contrast to Bush, who hasn't the curiosity or the inclination to hear opposing view points on his preconceived (and usually wrong) ideas.

Fast Lane for President: 6 Nations, 6 Days, Safely
The New York Times
Fast Lane for President: 6 Nations, 6 Days, Safely
Published: October 15, 2003

When George W. Bush arrives in Manila for a state visit on Saturday . . . this visit . . . lasts exactly eight hours . . . but . . . Indonesia gets the presidential presence for only three hours. . . .

Thus Mr. Bush, not an ever-curious tourist, will see less than usual.

After a day and a half in California to raise campaign cash and embrace Governor-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. Bush will hit six countries in six days.

John Moltz: Bush hopes for a still-birth
October 07, 2003

"Oh, well. They didn't find out who did it [leaked the name of Valerie Plame]. What are you gonna do?!"

Hmm, that sounds familiar. Ah, yes, it's the great incuriousness and lack of follow-through that is the hallmark of the Bush administration!

Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/03/2003 | Finally, liberal radio
The Philadelphia Inquirer
by Larry Atkins, Philadelphia writer and lawyer

In the past, liberal radio hosts haven't done as well (in terms of market share) as conservative hosts. The problem is that liberal hosts weren't angry or entertaining enough. Note to the new network: You can't survive if you serve up tofu and snow peas. You need red meat - you need to expose the failures and arrogance of Incurious George and his failed administration.

July–September 2003

TIME.com: TIME Magazine Archive -- The Real Reagan -- Sep. 29, 2003
Time cover story: book review of Reagan: A Life in Letters by Kiron K. Skinner (Editor)

The [Reagan] letters remind us that Bush and Reagan both rose as Governors of big states; both are Westerners to the core, vigorous, unabashed, plainspoken and dismissed as incurious.

Article available without subscription:
Reagan's Letters

Impeachment Time: Archive Entry From Brad DeLong's Webjournal
Posted by: dwight meredith on September 28, 2003 06:22 PM

I find myself in the awkward position of defending Incurious George. . . .

What are the chances that the leakers decided that the Novak story was one of the news items Incurious George needed to hear?

Democrats Abroad: Letter From Washington (September 28, 2003)
by Tom Fina, Executive Director Emeritus

An incurious President who depends on such sources [as Andy Card and Condolezza Rice, but not newspapers] for his information on the titanic events of our day may be unaware of the maelstrom that has swept up his administration in the last months and that becomes more violent each day.

Calpundit: Why I Hate Bush....A Plea to Conservatives
Posted by: aReader at September 28, 2003 11:47 AM
Apropos of the outing of Valerie Plame

It's too late for Bush -- he's demonstrated that he just doesn't care. Being "uncurious" is no excuse. Bush must be held responsible, and must go.

Sally Cheyne McDonald on Sep 26, 2003

I read an article today regarding Cheney not being the VP choice in 2004, that he was a liability for incurious George. I couldn’t help but think of Spiro Agnew (for those of you old enough to remember him, he was the abrasive VP for Nixon) Poor old Spiro Agnew, thrown out for tax evasion after he has plead his case down from taking bribes as a Governor to one count of tax evasion. By the time Agnew was tossed out of office, Nixon was already knee deep in his own problems. Spiro must be rolling in his grave watching what Dick Cheney is getting away with.

A Sunny Place for Shady People
Monday, September 22, 2003 by The Old Buzzard

This incurious, ignorant, anti-intellectual President (still uncertain about the scientific validity of evolution) has been the puritan's delight -- especially since he left his carousing behind him.

Re: funny
From: "Randy N." <tcl1@swbell.net>
Newsgroups: alt.rec.bicycles.recumbent
Subject: Re: funny
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 20:00:54 GMT

As for arrogance, no one beats uncurious George.

Re: I rode a Segway!!
From: "Dusty Rhodes" <crustydusty1@THIS PARThotmail.com>
Newsgroups: austin.general
Subject: Re: I rode a Segway!!
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 19:02:48 GMT

> LOL You remember that AP photo they took a Bush Sr.s birthday party
> in Kennebunkport this summer? The one that sowed Junior FALLING off a
> Segway? The article pointed out that even Barbara and Laura and
> Senoir had no trouble what so ever.
> heheh Dontcha jes love a clumsy jock?

Of the HUNDREDS of people I've had up on my Segway for the first time, not
one of them managed to fall forward. From what I hear from contacts at
Segway, Bush didn't bother to turn the damn thing on before mounting. Way to
go, uncurious George. Bet you fall on motorcycles sitting still, too.

Re: Leni Riefenstahl, Dies at 101
From: t92117@yahoo.com (tom donnelly)
Newsgroups: rec.climbing
Subject: Re: Leni Riefenstahl, Dies at 101
Date: 12 Sep 2003 00:25:36 -0700

Morcomm wrote:
>   Remember when the "nice" Americans killed 2 million rice farmers
>   in Vietnam to "save them" from Communism?

Maybe Uncurious George would remember it better if he had been there,
instead of draft-dodging and going AWOL from his cushy post in the
National Guard.  But then again, why would he need to? He has many of
us begging to lick his aristocratic shoes.

The New Republic Online: Mad About You
Mad About You
by Jonathan Chait, a senior editor at TNR
Post date 09.18.03 | Issue date 09.29.03
A frequently-referenced article justifying hatred of Bush (not shared by uncuriousgeorge.org). The minimal discussion of his lack of curiousity merits only a "Dishonorable mention."

However immaterial or inconvenient the fact may be, it remains true that Bush is just not a terribly bright man. (Or, more precisely, his intellectual incuriosity is such that the effect is the same.)

the News Insider : the News Insider commentary
The Real State of Our Disunion
By John Asbury
22 August 2003

He may be the most self-absorbed, indolent, incurious lightweight to ever occupy the White House.

Back to Iraq 3.0: Deadly Spectre
Deadly Spectre
Posted by: jaw booney on August 22, 2003 07:17 PM

the reationary bozos love order no matter how uncurious curious george is. . . . oh twlight empire with a dull bulb at the top.

Sit this one out, Ralph
by Larry Atkins
Undated, but originally published in the Chicago Tribune August 12, 2003, under the headline "Nader, do the country a favor and sit this campaign year out."

If you think Incurious George has been a disaster as President, just wait; you haven't seen anything yet.

TomDispatch - "National parks are not shopping malls"
August 12, 2003

Yesterday, both typically and symbolically, the Bush administration appointed another FOG (friend of George) to a major position in the administration, this time the Governor of Utah Michael O. Leavitt. "A trusted friend, a capable executive and a man who understands the obligations of environmental stewardship," announced uncurious George said of Leavitt as, of course, "he arrived in Denver for a fund-raising event." The governor is to be the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency (which should perhaps be retitled the Environmental Rejection Agency).

CBS News | George W. Nixon | September 30, 2003 13:15:39
Against The Grain
By Dick Meyer
WASHINGTON, July 24, 2003
The date in the page title is probably when posted to the CBS News website; the date in the article heading is probably when it was written. This piece really deserves more than a dishonorable mention, but unfortunately doesn't explain Bush's lack of curiosity.

I think George Bush is much more like Ronald Reagan: supremely self-confident, simplistic, sincere, comfortable in his skin and thus comforting, un-neurotic, lacking all traces of self-doubt, incurious, nice manners. Nixon had none of those qualities.

Democratic Veteran :: Loyalty to Incurious George most important trait
posted by Jo Fish on 07.23.03 at 12:00 AM
No excerpt. Just the headline.

The Fighting Democrat: ventriloquist's dummy
A dwindling case for going it alone
by Thomas Oliphant
(Originally published in) the Boston Globe
July 22, 2003

The more common and accurate picture of a disengaged, incurious, passive receptacle for his advisers' machinations is so widely accepted around here that even the administration officials desperately defending themselves over the crude manipulation of prewar intelligence have in the process depicted Bush himself as little more than a ventriloquist's dummy.

April–June 2003

The Smirking Chimp
Chris Floyd: 'Bush's New Testament: I'm God's errand boy'
Posted on Friday, June 27, 2003 @ 10:08:38 EDT
Originally published June 27 in The Moscow (Russia) Times. Note: This article contains a significant error. It refers to and links to an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that says "According to [Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud] Abbas, immediately thereafter Bush said: 'God told me to strike at al Qaida. . . .'" Floyd takes the words away from Abbas, saying "Here are Bush's exact words, quoted by Haaretz: 'God told me to strike at al-Qaida. . . .'" Wrong. Haaretz quoted Abbas, not Bush. Unfortunately, Floyd's article is widely quoted, uncorrected, on the Internet.

And this is the mindset -- or rather, the primitive fever-dream -- that is now directing the actions of the greatest military power in the history of the world. There can be no doubt that Bush believes literally in the divine character of his mission. He honestly and sincerely believes that whatever "decision" forms in his brain -- out of the flux and flow of his own emotional impulses and biochemical reactions, the flattery and cajolements of his sinister advisers, the random scraps of fact, myth and fabrication that dribble into his proudly undeveloped and incurious consciousness -- has been planted there, whole and perfected, by God Almighty.

The Carpetbagger Report » Blog Archive » It depends on what the definition of "lie" is
June 24, 2003
Posted 1:45 pm

"[I]t's impossible to tell — and, ultimately, of little interest — whether Bush lacks the necessary mental equipment, or whether he's simply incurious," [Slate's Tim] Noah wrote.

Bush the Ignorant Liar. - By Timothy Noah - Slate Magazine
chatterbox: Gossip, speculation, and scuttlebutt about politics.
Can Bush Be Both Ignorant and a Liar?
Yes. There's no reason for Bush-bashers to choose between the two.
By Timothy Noah
Posted Monday, June 23, 2003, at 5:31 PM ET

As Chatterbox has explained elsewhere, it's impossible to tell—and, ultimately, of little interest—whether Bush lacks the necessary mental equipment, or whether he's simply incurious.

American Politics Journal -- Pundit Pap
Pundit Pap for June 15, 2003
We Need a Brinkley Now More Than Ever
By the Pundit Pap Team

FAUX News Sunday
Agenda-driven drivel
Players: immoderator Tony Snow, Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN), Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA).

Tony [Snow, anchor, Fox News Sunday] welcomed Sen. Lugar. . . . Lugar said the polls show US citizens opposing intervention -- but "never underestimate George Bush" (translation: never underestimate his political guru Karl "Rasputin-meets-Goebbels" Rove), even though there is danger of "overstepping." (Translation: if Incurious George gets "engaged" and the situation gets worse, why, it could look bad!)

“Oration and Lament over the cold dead policies of the Clinton Presidency”
By publius citizanus (richard spisak)

pumpin dick - prince of enemy-tradin-haliburton, and of curse, without precedent incurious george
who are all honorable men

"W: Sharpton-Smith! Or be damned!"
Wednesday, May 28, 2003

In the previous presidential election, George Bush, an incurious man of approximate intelligence and unruffled experience, was joined in epic battle with Al Gore the worldly intellectual. . . .

Saturday, May 24, 2003
Copyright 2003 Michael McGrath

In an attempt to emulate Blair's Good Friday Agreement stoicism, the President is pondering belated commitment to hands-on supervision of the Israelis and Palestinians. With his own man as PM in Ramallah, and being the first President to speak in favor of a Palestinian state, Bush may well be feeling confident as only he can. Incuriousness has an upside.

January–March 2003

An Unnecessary War
Published on Tuesday, April 2, 2003 by the Miami Herald
Published on Saturday, March 29, 2003 by the Charleston Gazette
by James A. Haught
James A. Haught is editor of The Charleston Gazette in West Virginia.

Richard Blow, former executive editor of George magazine, said: ``Certainly the president is no intellectual. He received mediocre grades at college, he's not a big reader, he lacks curiosity and he resists discussion about abstract subjects.

The Wage Slave Journal
03/29/2003: Neocons planned Iraq for years, and they'll profit

Macho, uncurious about complex details, and Manichean in his worldview, Bush provided the perfect front man for the neocons' ambitions.

TOMPAINE.COM - Is Bush Smart Enough?
He's Getting Us Into Iraq, Can He Get Us Out?
Mar 17 2003
Richard Blow is the former executive editor of George Magazine. He is author of American Son: A Portrait of John F. Kennedy, Jr., and is writing a book about Harvard University.

Certainly the president is no intellectual. He received mediocre grades at college, he’s not a big reader, he lacks curiosity and he resists discussion about abstract subjects. He couldn’t last 10 minutes with Bill Clinton in a debate about public policy.

The Flick Filosopher | Journeys with George and Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election
March 14, 2003
by MaryAnn Johanson
Two movies in one review. The excerpt here is from the discussion of Journeys with George by Alexandra Pelosi.

It's a depressing confirmation of everything those of us who don't object to the description "unelected" have suspected all along: George W. Bush is an incurious, uncharismatic, overgrown frat boy with a mean streak a mile wide.

Bush's Messiah Complex | February 2003 issue
The Progressive

Lacking intellectual curiosity, he boasts of an infallible gut. Desperate not to be trapped by "the vision thing" that ensnared his father, Bush embraces a huge global mission and couches it in fundamentalist language. And he has assigned the Pentagon the primary role in carrying out this mission.

BartCop's Political Humor - Today's BartCop RantsUntitled Documentbr> February 28, 2003

And the coke-snorting, noncurious drunk gets a high approval rating?

Poems for W
A collection of Anti-Bush poetry, much of it parody. Only this one refers to Uncurious George.
Dag MacLeod
February 21, 2003 [by author's estimate]

Green Eggs and Saddam

By Dr. MacSeuss

Uncurious George was in a high snoot,
It seems that his handler, that man in the suit,
Who goes by the name of Karl the Rove,
Had decided that George could score points by the drove,
By pushing domestic stuff off the front page,
And dreaming out loud of the wars we would wage.

"I do not like Saddam, I am,
I do not like him, Uncle Sam"

NYPress - MUGGER - Russ Smith - Vol. 16, Iss. 8
Setting Saturday Straight
A French-free family passes through Saddam’s million-person march.
Issue date: 2/19/2003 - 2/25/2003

A new rallying cry for Democrats, Greens, vegans and socialists had to be invented; otherwise how in the world would the "uncurious" Texan cowboy be defeated in 2004?

Winston Delgado, Artcrime.
February 17, 2003

Incurious George has met every challenge with an uncanny lack of creativity. Budget Surplus? Tax cuts for the top! Record deficit? Tax cuts for the top! It's not warmed over Reaganomics, it's fossilized Hoovernomics!

Elvis Costello
The Not-This-War Mix: Mix as Commentary
Julian Halliday
February 5, 2003

I am happy to demonize Bush, Condi, Rummy, and their ilk — as dinosaurs, as intellectually incurious, as historically ignorant, as in the throes of the most dangerous kind of blinkered arrogance; but at the same time, it’s foolish to assume that the pro-war camp has no argument, that no case can be made.

The Smirking Chimp
Peter Lee: 'The imagined empire'
Posted on Thursday, January 30, 2003 @ 09:49:19 EST

As if this notoriously incurious and callous evangelical Christian president has been overwhelmed by altruistic love for the Muslims of the remote Middle East!

The Daily Beacon Online - Megalomania in Mesopotamia: Government gone wild
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Daily Beacon
Megalomania in Mesopotamia: Government gone wild
by Nate Arthur, Columnist
Thursday, January 30, 2003

They [the media] would refuse to ignore domestic issues, the corporate fraud and tax-plan infamies of which this gang of millionaire public servants is guilty. . . . Which brings me to the alphabet of unconscionable selections for the cabinet of our un-president, the reproachfully uncurious George W. Bush.

Listless confederates, here is the very picture of conflict of interests, of integrity mangled, and further argument for the illegitimacy of our hostile administration. . . .

Monday, January 20, 2003
An interesting post on Bush's lying with statistics, but this excerpt is only about "incurious."

This lazy, incurious president can't even be bothered to cook the books properly -- he just reheats them in a microwave.

American Politics Journal -- Pundit Pap
Pundit Pap
for January 19, 2003
Smirk eager to get his war on
by the Pundit Pap Team

FAUX News Spin Day!
Rummy recycles his spin points!
by JJ Balzer
Not related to the Uncurious George theme of this website, but fascinating and outrageous nonetheless, on this page, starting halfway down, under the heading "Meet the REAL Press -- BookTV on C-SPAN2" is the story of the outrageous prosecution of Susan MacDougal, who served time in prison for the crime of refusing to testify against President Bill Clinton in the Whitewater non-scandal.

Guest two: Tom Daschle. Brit Hume said Smirk has all the authorization he needs to declare war on Saddam. Daschle jumped all over Hume's narrow "let's get our war on" assertion, saying that Smirk must live up to his obligation to the UN and prove Saddam is a compelling and imminent threat. Junior, added Daschle, has "failed" (Daschle put careful emphasis on the word) to file the 60-day report and Rummy has "failed" to brief the Senate. Daschle continued (to our surprise, uninterrupted by the usually testy Hume): Incurious George and Rummy must report to the American people.

AxisofLogic/ U.S. News/Comment
LUNACY, by Dom Stasi, Axis of Logic (submitted by author), January 18, 2003

This guy - this incurious George -already presumes to know how the whole universe was created: he thinks it took a week four thousand years ago. He completely ignores what his home planet tells him about the origins of life.

By Rex Murphy - Column
Published in the Globe and Mail's Book Review, January 18, 2003
The Right Man: The Surprise Presidency of George W. Bush (An Inside Account)
By David Frum

It offers a portrait of the evolution of Bush under the impact of Sept. 11, and makes both a strong emotional and argumentative case, that Bush, despite his intellectual shortcomings, his near-defiant incuriosity about the world beyond America, and his sheer ignorance of foreign affairs, has become something very close to a great president.

THE BLANKET * Index: Current Articles
The Fight for America's Soul
Julie Brown
17 January 2003

The U.S. Congress abdicated its responsibilities when it gave George Bush a blank check for war. They put the fate of millions of people in the hands of an inexperienced, uncurious, impatient, and ill-informed man who in the words of his former speech writer is “quick to anger.”

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January 10, 2003

As I read the less than stellar monikers mainstream media assigns to the Democratic presidential candidates, I find it hilarious to consider what they could have attached to their boy Bush -- military slacker, privileged frat boy, inside trader, English bungler, far right compassionless conservative, uncurious George, chimpy wimp, college cheerleader, thief-in-chief, the man with a fried brain, warmonger, chickenhawk, etc. etc. etc. Mainstream media will have to accept the responsibility for the decline in America due to their efforts to portray this guy as something more than the moron he is!

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On Bush's Leadership on The News with Brian Williams
CNBC News Transcripts
SHOW: The News with Brian Williams (7:00 PM ET) - CNBC
January 8, 2003 Wednesday

BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor: With this new book out, we back now with more of our look at President Bush at the halfway point of his first term. We are joined now from Boston by David Gergen, former adviser to four American presidents, these days an editor at large at US News and a professor at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government in his spare time.

David, here's a theory, true or false? Bill Clinton was all intellectual curiosity, very little discipline. George Bush is all discipline, very little intellectual curiosity, but neither category has anything do with leadership?

Mr. DAVID GERGEN (Former Presidential Adviser): . . . I think this president's lack of curiosity, David Frum said that he's sometimes uncurious and can be ill informed. . . .

WILLIAMS: And how does he pay, in your view, and this requires a little crystal ball, a high price for lack of curiosity and being ill informed?

Mr. GERGEN: . . . David [Frum] said it's not important that the president know facts and figures, that's true. But it is important that a president have enough curiosity to have a sense of history and to have an informed judgment. You know, when John F. Kennedy got in to the Cuban Missile Crisis, the fact that he had read recently Barbara Tuchman's book called "The Guns of August," . . .

USATODAY.com - Former aide provides revealing context to president's big day
Hype & Glory
Walter Shapiro
Posted 1/7/2003 7:41 PM     Updated 1/7/2003 7:41 PM
Walter Shapiro's column appears Wednesdays and Friday.

Even as he stresses that Bush is the man in charge, and not the puppet of his advisers or Dick Cheney, Frum lists the president's faults: "He is impatient and quick to anger; sometimes glib, even dogmatic; often incurious and as a result ill-informed; more conventional in his thinking than a leader probably should be." . . .

But as Frum freely admits in his effort to decipher the mysteries of this White House, Bush is a strange kind of president. Definitely in charge, wedded to his beliefs, non-curious by nature, Bush still has two years to go in office before he earns the sobriquet, The Right Man.

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